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Monday, July 23, 2012

Windows 8 Will be Launched on October 26.

Windows 8 Will be Launched on October 26:

So much has been said about the Windows 8 that almost nothing was left to be known except for its release date.But now,this mystery has been solved too..

Steven Sinofsky,President of the Windows division officially announced,at the annual sales meeting of Microsoft,that the latest software of Windows will be launched on October 26th, 2012..

Windows 8 will be launching on both PCs and as an upgrade on October 26..

Earlier,a Microsoft official (Tami Reller to be exact) had already announced that the new Windows is coming in October,but it is only now that we have come to know of its exact release date..

Zong Announces Karoron Ka 10 Offer.

Zong Announces Karoron Ka 10 Offer:

Zong has announced Karoron ka 10 offer,which will enable its customer's to win Cash Prizes of Rs: 100,000 (50 prizes),Rs: 500,00 (10 prizes) and a grand prize of Rs: 10,000,000 (Rs. 10 million) during this campaign that will end on August 31st, 2012..

Customer's will have to use Rs: 10 on daily basis to win the cash prizes.Keep reading to know it all.

How does it work?

Zong subscriber's will have to use Rs. 10+tax or more for 5,10,15 days respectively to be part of lucky draw for cash prizes.

Prizes’ Eligibility:

Following is the prize detail with usage criteria and number of prizes in that respective slab:

Usage Detail:
  • Any activity that results in balance deduction.

Lucky Draw:

September 1, 2012

The more the consecutive usage by the customer,the more will be his/her chance of getting the prizes.

Following will be the lucky draw entries against each category based upon the consecutive usage:

Support Functionality:

A support functionality has been developed for checking the daily spend. When a subscriber sends *221# he will receive his daily & monthly balance spend detail. The said functionality will facilitate customers in keeping a track on their daily spend.

There are no charges for dialing *221#

Campaign Duration:
  • July 18 till August 31

  •     This offer is for prepaid subscribers only.
  •     The daily minimum usage is Rs.10+tax and to be able to enter the lucky draw for any of the Prizes the same usage needs to be repeated continuously for 5, 10 or 15 days.
  •     Credit usage is supposed to be continuous,if a day is missed, then counter will start again from Zero
  •     Calls sent to *221# are free.

Ufone Ramzan Offer:Unlimited Calls for Rs. 4 Per Day.

Ufone Ramzan Offer:Unlimited Calls for Rs. 4 Per Day:

Ufone is offering its customer's to make unlimited on-net calls between Sehr and Iftar i.e. between 3 am to 7 pm to all Ufone number's as well as all PTCL and Vfone number's for Rs. 4 per day..

That’s it..

This offer is valid till 27th Ramzan (Ramadan), said the Ufone website..

How to Subscribe Ufone Ramzan offer:
  •     Dial *445# to subscribe to the offer.

Terms & Conditions:
  •     Offer is available for all prepaid customers.
  •     This offer will automatically renew at midnight.
  •     Calls made to other networks will be charged according to the package plan.
  •     Calls made to voice buckets and short codes are not included in this offer.
  •     Offer will be available from 1st Ramzan till 27th Ramzan.
  •     Ufone reserves the right to make changes to this offer.
  •     If the customer’s balance is lower than 4.78 then offer will be deactivated at night and customer will have to opt in again next day.
  •     Call set up charges 1 paisa.
  •     Offer is valid from 3 am till 7 pm.

Zong Offer's Unlimited Mobile Internet During Night's.

Zong Offer's Unlimited Mobile Internet During Night's:

Zong has re-launched its mobile internet offer named “Good Night Offer” for it's customer's who can now avail unlimited mobile internet from 11 PM to 9 AM next morning for Rs: 5 including taxes.

Earlier,Zong Good Night Offer was valid from 2 AM to 8 AM in the morning.But now,in just Rs: 5/- you can surf and download as much as you can between 11:00 PM – 9:00 AM.

How to Activate:
  •     Just dial *907# from your ZONG connection and get connected.!
  •     You will receive SMS confirmation once the service get activated.!
  •     Subscription charges are Rs. 10 (Existing Hourly / Daily Package subscribers are
  •     exempted from the subscription fee of Good Night Offer).

How to Deactivate:
  •     To unsubscribe SMS "unsub<space>gno" to 909.
  •     unsubscription charges are Rs:5/-.

Daily Charges:
  •     Daily Charges are Rs. 5/-.

  •     Validity of the free hours is one day (Daily rent will be charged at 11:00 PM and valid up to 9:00 AM next day).
  •     "For Example: if you subscribed this package at 7:00 PM, then the validity will start at 11:00 PM and remain until 9:00 AM next morning".

Free Call Via Internet 5 Mint To Any Number In Pakistan.

 Free Call Via Internet 5 Mint To Any Number In Pakistan:


Now U Can Call On any Number in Pakistan and Other Countries For Free For 5 Mints.
This Tricks Work 100%.
To Call To Any Number Go To

Here you will find a Dialing Box Just Dial The Number here with country code

E.g. if you want to call to Pakistan dial 00923331234567

and click om call and enjoy 5 mint free call.

Ufone July 2012 Free Internet Trick.

Ufone July 2012 Free Internet Trick:

22 July 2012
Ufone Free Internet August 2012 100% Working.

Follow This Path:

For Nokia S60s & Symbians:

Settings Configration Or Web Session  >  ADD New Access Point  >
Then Put These Settings.

Name:  UfoneFree

User Name:  Blank

Password: Blank

Then Go To Advance Settings

APN: ufone.pmms

Port: 8080


HomePage: www.itbooster.blogspot.com

Click Options and Go To Advance Settings Put These

Primary D.N.S :
Secondry D.N.S:

For Nokia s40, Java, China Mobiles:

Then Save It And Make It Default Internet Settings.

Settings  >  Configration  >  Personal Configuration

Name: UfoneFree

User Name: Blank

Password: Blank

Use Associated Access Point: No

Proxy: Enabled

APN: ufone.pmms

Port: 8080


HomePage: www.itbooster.blogspot.com

Then Return To Configuration Menu And Select Personal Configuration As Your Default Configuration Settings.

Then Use Unlimited Free Internet.

This Settings Works On Mobiles Default Browser. Opera Mini, Bolt, Ucweb.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ufone has a Social Networking Website: ClubUfone.

Ufone has a Social Networking Website: ClubUfone:

Just in case if you didn’t know,Ufone has a social networking website for internet and mobile phone user's in Pakistan.

Under the umbrella of its youth brand, Uth, Ufone introduced this Facebook like localized social networking website http://www.clubufone.com for user's in Pakistan.

We are told that ClubUfone was initially an exclusive service for Ufone subscriber's, but now anyone having a mobile phone (of other than Ufone network's) can get registered too.Simply sign up at the URL mentioned above and you are in.

ClubUfone offer's almost all basic feature's of a social networking website, where users can add photos, videos, music, events and much more. ClubUfone also offers video chat service between friends and a facility for businesses and celebrities to create pages (just like Facebook fan pages).

Ufone said that ClubUfone is specifically bundled for those living in Pakistan with localized features and language.ClubUfone users can select Urdu as their primary language to start using the website in Urdu font's.

ClubUfone is optimized for phones with minimalistic look and feel. Moreover,Ufone user's can sign-up, update their status and do other basic operations through SMS.

Ufone user's can send Sub to 7171 to subscribe, while registered users can update their status on ClubUfone by Send an SMS: st (space) your message to 7171.

All text messages sent to 7171 are charged at @12 Paisa/SMS.

Ramadan Mubarak To All Muslims...

Ramadan Mubarak To All Muslims... 

 May Allah grant you the Strength and Yaqeen to complete your Ibaadat in this blessed month of Ramadaan,

And may you take full advantage of these powerful days and nights,

May we take this opportunity to wish you,

your family, friends and loved ones,

A Blessed Month of Ramadaan ...

May Allah's mercy and blessings be with you throughout the Holy month of sacrifice and throughout the year,

May all your good deeds & du'as be accepted,

wishes fulfilled and all your sins forgiven.

May Allah grant us the strength to help those less fortunate,

Ramadaan Mubarak

PTCL Free Offer's Limited Time Upgrade from 2 MB to 4 MB Broadband.

PTCL Free Offer's Limited Time Upgrade from 2 MB to 4 MB Broadband:

PTCL has announced this Ramadan Special promotion for its broadband customer's,which offer's 4 Mbps broadband for the price of Rs. 1,499 per month.

Customer's can enjoy 4 Mbps speed at the price of 2 Mbps during Ramadan.

All existing customer's (of 2 Mbps broadband) can call 1236 to get their broadband speeds upgraded to 4 Mbps without any additional cost till September 30th, 2012, after which they will have to pay usual price of 4 Mbps, i.e. Rs. 1,999 per month.

New customer's can also avail this offer,while 1 Mbps broadband holder's can upgrade to 4 Mbps speeds as well.

Promotion Detail's:

    4Mbps Broadband Package charges: Rs. 1,499 per month.
    Unlimited download*
    Package type: Opt in.
    Offers starts from 20th July 2012.
    Valid Up to 30th September 2012.

*Rs. 5,000 per month will be charged for greater than 300 GBs downloads.


    A special 4 Mbps promotional package is being offered to customers with 2 Mbps equivalent Tariff (Rs. 1,499 per month).
    Existing and new customers can opt into this package and enjoy 4 Mbps speed at the price of 2 Mbps.
    Any existing and new customer can opt into this special 4 Mbps promotional Package with effect from 20th Jul-2012.
    Customers on 1 Mbps & 2Mbps can also avail this offer by paying Rs. 1,499 per month.
    This promotional package will expire on 30th Sep-2012 and standard 4 Mbps Tariff (Rs. 1,999 per month) will apply after that..
    Customers can downgrade their package before September 30th, to avoid extra charges..
    PTCL Help Line said that downgrading from 4 Mbps to 2 Mbps will be free.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blogger Cool Search Box with New Google Style.

Blogger Cool Search Box with New Google Style:

I think this Search Box is very nice.Below is the difference of the search box.

New Google Search
 Google Search for Blogger
 Now if you want to create cool search box with new google style, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger/Blogger account
Step 2: Go to Design -- Edit HTML
Step 3: Copy the code below, and paste above ]]></b:skin>.

/* div container containing the form */
#searchContainer {

/* Style the search input field. */
#field {
font-family:arial, sans-serif;
background: #fff;
border:solid 1px #d9d9d9;
border-top:solid 1px #c0c0c0;

/* Style the "X" text button next to the search input field */
#delete {
padding:0 10px 0 10px;
font-family: "Lucida Sans", "Lucida Sans Unicode",sans-serif;
background: #fff;
border:solid 1px #d9d9d9;
border-top:solid 1px #c0c0c0;
/* Set default state of "X" and hide it */
#delete #x {
/* Set the hover state of "X" */
#delete #x:hover {
/* Syle the search button. Settings of line-height, font-size, text-indent used to hide submit value in IE */
#submit {
height: 31px;
color: transparent;
background: url(http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-GX7E4j3jwR0/ThMXKjuQ9VI/AAAAAAAAEsE/rJE5Ip1qDEg/s1600/ico-search.png) no-repeat #4d90fe center;
border: 1px solid #3079ED;
-moz-border-radius: 2px;
-webkit-border-radius: 2px;
/* Style the search button hover state */
#submit:hover {
background: url(http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-GX7E4j3jwR0/ThMXKjuQ9VI/AAAAAAAAEsE/rJE5Ip1qDEg/s1600/ico-search.png) no-repeat center #357AE8;
border: 1px solid #2F5BB7;
/* Clear floats */
.fclear {clear:both}

Step 4: Copy the code below, and paste above </head>.

<script src='http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.6.1.min.js' type='text/javascript'/>
<script type='text/javascript'>
$().ready(function() {
// if text input field value is not empty show the &quot;X&quot; button
$(&quot;#field&quot;).keyup(function() {
if ($.trim($(&quot;#field&quot;).val()) == &quot;&quot;) {
// on click of &quot;X&quot;, delete input field value and hide &quot;X&quot;
$(&quot;#x&quot;).click(function() {

Step 5: Click Saved.

Adding New Google Search Box.

Step 1: Go to Design --> Page Elements --> Add Gadget.
Step 2: Choose "HTML/Java Script"..
Step 3: Add the code below.

<div id="searchContainer">
<form name="SUYB" action="/search" method="get">
<input type="text" id="field" id="s" name="q"/>
<div id="delete"><span id="x">x</span></div>
<input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit" value="Search" />

Step 4: Click Saved.

jQuery Animated Label.

jQuery Animated Label:

 Now if you wanna try Animated Label with jQuery just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger/Blogspot account.

Step 2: Go to Design --> Edit HTML.

Step 3: Copy the code below, and paste above </head>.

<script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.5.1/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var dur = 450;
$(document).ready(function() {
$('a.linknudge, .Label ul li a').hover(function() {
paddingLeft: '20px'
}, dur);
}, function() {
paddingLeft: 0
}, dur);

Step 4: Click Save.

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(Download Links) Microsoft Unveils Office 2013.

 (Download Links) Microsoft Unveils Office 2013:

Microsoft has announced the availability of consumer preview version of its Office 2013,that the company is also calling Office 15..

Microsoft Office is claimed to be used by over a billion human beings and is said to be installed on over 90 percent of business PCs,and happens to be a major contributor towards Microsoft’s revenues -– estimated to bring in around USD 15 billion a year for the software giant..

This upgrade in Microsoft Office came shortly after the consumer preview release of Windows 8,giving an impression that Office 2013 is specifically optimized for touch screen devices..

Microsoft Office 2013 --- final version of which will not be available for sale until next year — promises countless design and storage architecture enhancements (we will explain them below),however,you may not see many feature up gradation this new version..

Microsoft said that all documents saved in office 2013 will be stored on cloud, tied with your Microsoft ID. Office 2013 will come with various desktop apps for all possible devices to make sure that what ever work you save on a single device is stored on cloud and is ultimately synchronized with all the devices that you use.In simpler words,make habit of seeing your work saved on SkyDrive,for instance,instead of C drive..

User's in Pakistan can’t sign-up or download this preview edition of Office 2013.Hard luck I would say, since you need to wait till Office 2013 is officially released for you, or probably you can search around to get the executable..


Thanks Waqas for tipping: User's in Pakistan can register for an account here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/office/apps and then download Office 2013 by going to  download client tool's.

Also to mention,Windows 7 or Windows 8 is required to run Office 2013..

Meanwhile,those from Pakistan and those who are on XP and Vista, check below introduction video for Office 2013:

Rest of you, go ahead and download the the consumer preview release from here: http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/en

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Twitter Finally Launches it's Official App for Symbian S40 Devices.

Twitter Finally Launches it's Official App for Symbian S40 Devices:

Twitter,after year's of waiting has finally released an official app for the Symbian Series 40 feature phones, the most widely used set of devices in the world..
Twitter’s product manager Brian Frank announced the release in a blog post on the Twitter blog.Twitter’s app now join's Facebook and Google+ apps on the Ovi Store to keep the Symbian feature-phone user's more connected and more social.The interface of the app seems to be user-friendly enough.
If you own a Nokia Symbian series 40 device too,what are you waiting for.
The file is only 0.57 Mb big so you can download it even from the slowest of EDGE/GPRS connection's.

Good luck!

Ufone Double Deal: 10,000 SMS and 3 GB Internet in Rs. 200.

Ufone Double Deal: 10,000 SMS and 3 GB Internet in Rs. 200:

This probably is best SMS and mobile internet offer from Ufone or from any other operator till date, but there’s a catch – we will tell you of it in a bit.

You can get 10,000 SMS and 3 GB of mobile internet from Ufone, that too for a whole month for Rs. 200 only. Yes, including taxes..

But you need to subscribe to this package before July 18th, 2012 only. Yes, very limited duration to avail such a treat..

How to subscribe:
  •     dial *5506# to subscribe.

  •     Rs. 199 inclusive of tax.

Terms & Conditions:
  •     Double Deal Offer is available on all pre-paid packages.
  •     Fair Usage policy of 10,000 SMS and 3 GB internet limit apply.
  •     Double Deal Offer is available for Limited Time Basis only.
  •     Offer does not include Premium/International SMS.
  •     Bucket will not be on auto-subscription.
  •     SMS will be applicable for both on-net & off-net.

Jazba Launches Music & Video Portal.

Jazba Launches Music & Video Portal:

Mobilink/Jazz has launched a music portal for its Jazba customer's,who can stream or download thousands of MP3s,Videos,Ringtones,and Wallpaper's featuring Pakistani, Bollywood and International Artists, and Movie Soundtrack's.

Jazba Music & Video Station is a subscription based WAP Music and Video store (Rs: 5 plus tax per day) optimized for handset's and provides you with officially licensed ready-to-download and as well as ready-to-stream content.

said that the music portal support's all the popular handset's and devices available in Pakistan.

You can access Jazba Music and Video Station here: http://jazba.com.pk/services/jazba-music-and-video-station

  •     User's can access www.jazbamusic.com from their Mobilink Prepaid (Jazba/Jazz) GPRS-enabled handsets.
  •     User's can subscribe by clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button and will receive a confirmation message of the subscription.
  •     User's can ‘download’ or ‘stream’ their choice of content by clicking on ‘Download’ or ‘Stream’ button in the content description.

  •     Subscription charges for this service are Rs. 5+tax/day.
  •     In Rs. 5 plus tax per day you can:
  •         Enjoy 5 content download's.
  •         OR 10 Video Streams.
  •     Standard GPRS charges as per package plan will separately apply to users who download or stream the content.

Terms & Conditions:

  •     Only Mobilink Prepaid subscriber's using Mobilink GPRS/EDGE can buy and download the content
  •     Content is only available for all major handset's available in the market.

Telenor Increases Tariff's for Postpaid Mobile Internet.

Telenor Increases Tariff's for Postpaid Mobile Internet:


Telenor Pakistan has increased mobile internet tariff for it's postpaid subscribers by 20 percent for some packages and up to 25 percent hike for other's.

New mobile internet bundles offered to postpaid customer's will be as following:

  •     35 MB @ Rs. 90
  •     100 MB @ Rs. 250
  •     2 GB @ Rs. 600
  •     Default Charges: Rs 1.13+tax

Interestingly,customer's were not communicated of this change in prices, which are effective already – in fact a message posted on Telenor’s website, without indicating the prices, reads:

    It is informed to all business customer's that Telenor will revise internet charges for Telenor business and Telenor corporate customer's from 16th July 2012..

P.S. Telenor terms its individual postpaid subscriptions as “Telenor Business” and corporate postpaid customer's as “Telenor Corporate Customer's”..

PTCL Launches One-Year Paid Internship Program.

PTCL Launches One-Year Paid Internship Program:

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched a first of its kind PTCL One–Year Paid Internship Program for young graduates with the aim to provide them a unique opportunity for learning and professional development..

“As a socially conscious and responsible corporate entity,PTCL is committed to creating diverse opportunities and enabling people to bring betterment to their lives,” said Senior Executive Vice President HR, Syed Mazhar Hussain. “Our One-Year Paid Internship Program is yet another milestone in PTCL’s continuous efforts to transform today’s youth into leaders of tomorrow..”

Open to energetic and ambitious fresh graduates of Business, Finance, HR and Engineering (Including Associate Engineers),PTCL One-Year Paid Internship Program features hands-on experience of thriving business operations & practices; attractive stipends;exposure to cutting-edge ICTs & platforms; development of professional skills & competencies; access to dynamic corporate environment & culture; and interaction/engagement with acclaimed industry leaders..

Candidates can access complete details of the program and application procedure by visiting http://www.nts.org.pk/NTSWeb/PTCL/PTCL.htm

PTCL will receive applications until July 31, 2012.

  •     Information Technology (IT).
  •         MCS, BCS (Hons), BIT (Hons), BBA-IT.
  •     Business Administration.
  •         MBA (HR/ Marketing), BBA (Hons).
  •     Finance & Accounting.
  •         MBA (Finance), M.Com, B.Com (Hons), ICMA, CA Inter or 16 years equivalent degree/ Qualification in (Accounts/ Finance/ Commerce) fields.
  •     Engineers.
  •         BE/BS Engineering (Electrical, Electronics, Telecom, Computers)
  •     Diploma Holders.
  •         DAE (Electrical, Electronics, Telecom, Computers) or B-Tech
  •     Criteria.
  •         Minimum criteria would be CGPA 2.80/70% aggregate for Business, IT Graduates & Engineers
  •         Minimum 60% aggregate for Diploma holders or B-tech.

Age limit 18-25 years:
  •     Study completion year should be 2011-12.Candidates completed their education before 2011 are not eligible to apply..

  •     The internship opportunities are available all over Pakistan..

Samsung Dual SIM smart phone,Galaxy Ace Duos S6802.

Samsung Dual SIM smart phone,Galaxy Ace Duos S6802:

Samsung Electronics has announced the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802,a GSM only dual SIM android smartphone,which allows user's the convenience of dual SIM support..

The Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system sporting a 3.5-inch TFT-LCD display and features an 832MHz processor,ideal for multimedia viewing,Gaming and application use.

To enhance user experience for multimedia,this lightweight device offer's 512MB of RAM, 3GB of internal storage for all applications,and a microSD card slot (up to 32GB)..

It also features a main 5MP autofocus camera, which allows user's to record picture's and video's with great ease..

Its Li-ion 1300mAh battery provides user's with a stand-by time upto 570 hour's and a talk time upto 16 hours, so you never run out of battery with the hybrid Dual SIM model, user's can keep their personal and professional lives active with one stylish handset,the Galaxy Ace Duos.

We are yet to get the price detail's for Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 in Pakistan.It is anticipated that price would be around or over Rs: 22,000..

Friday, July 13, 2012

Zong Introduces Perfect Package.

Zong Introduces Perfect Package:

After introducing Flutter for Ladies, Zong has hit the youth with a perfect package which they have named as “Perfect Package” as well.

Zong Perfect Package comes with a bundle of services of all kinds at a fixed daily rental. With Perfect Package, Zong has made sure that there’s nothing missed in the plate. Keep reading to know all.

What’s included:
  •     Free on net call except 7pm-10pm.
  •     500 FREE SMS.
  •     100 FREE MMS.
  •     1 hour FREE GPRS.
  •     On-net calls between 7 PM-10 PM: Rs 1.5/ min + tax.
  •     Off-net Calls (Round the clock): Rs. 1.5/min + tax.


All above mentioned services are being offered at a daily rental of Rs. 15, including taxes.

    Dial *717# to subscribe or
    Send SUB to 7171. Also even any blank SMS to 7171 will be considered as an activation request.


    To un sub from bundle: send unsub to 7171.

Terms and Condition:
  •     Any Zong subscriber can avail this Perfect Package.
  •     After subscribing to perfect package, your base package will automatically convert to m9 1.5 – except if subscriber is already on m9 package.
  •     User will be charged as per m9 1.5 tariff once free resources for SMS, GPRS & MMS have been consumed.
  •     All previous add up promotions will be retained except those who have daily validity.
  •     Port in subs will get free trial for 3 days.

Ufone Brings 5 Star SMS Offer.

Ufone Brings 5 Star SMS Offer:

Ufone introduces 5 Star SMS offer, that will allow its customers to enjoy 500 SMS free to any network, at any time after first 5 paid SMS.

However, first five SMS will be charged at Rs. 1.50 plus tax per SMS.

5 Star SMS Offer Details:
  •     To avail free SMS all users have to do is to send 5 SMS on any given day and receive 500 SMS absolutely free for the rest of the day.
  •     User will be charged at Rs. 1.50+Tax per SMS for first 5 SMS
  •     There is no opt-in or subscription charges applicable for this promotion.
  •     Users will be eligible for the offer twice in 24 hours, i.e. if they consume 500 SMS then they can avail another 500 SMS after sending 5 paid SMS.

Once the 5th SMS is sent customer will get the following notification:

    “Congratulations! Now you can send Unlimited SMS for the rest of day, validity DD-MM-YY 23:59 HRS. To check your remaining No. of Free SMS dial *706#”.

User can Dial *707# and check the SMS count at any time. Charges to check the count of SMS and other details on *707# are Rs.0.10+Tax..

If a user consumes 500 SMS before expiry, his/her counter will be reset again to 0 SMS and the cycle will start again.  Free SMS are valid for all local SMS only i.e. International SMS will be charged as per tariff plan. The offer is valid for non-bucket users only as their initial SMS are not being charged. This offer is for prepaid users only.

Terms & Conditions:
  •     Free SMS will expire the same day at 11:59pm.
  •     User will be notified via SMS when Free SMS are activated and when free SMS expire.
  •     Free SMS are valid for all local SMS only i.e. International SMS will be charged as per tariff plan.
  •     This offer is for prepaid users only..
  •     This is a limited time offer.
  •     Terms & conditions apply.
  •     19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.
  •     Using SIMS without proper documentation is a crime – PTA.
  •     5 Star SMS offer will not be applicable on Chand Raat and First 3 days of Eid. 

Why You Should not Buy Chinese Tablet's?

Why You Should not Buy Chinese Tablet's?

We have seen a lot of people talking in favor of the Chinese tablet's which come at a modest price and can be bought by anyone,even those with very limited budget.

However,it must be taken into consideration that these tablets are not reliable and should be bought only when you are on an extremely strict budget.

Below listed drawback's are valid for not only the tablet's but for cheaper Chinese smartphones too.Let’s go straight away to the reasons,why these tablets are not worth buying:

Illegal unlicensed software:

To start off, many of these tablet's come without official,licensed software from Google which means they are made illegally. This means that their software is vulnerable to more viruses and of course,going to face performance issues and lagginess..

The software issues will definitely increase and the device gets even more laggy in the future,since software updates are usually hard to find,

Cheap build quality,unreliability & stolen design:

Most of these tablet's come with poor build quality so get ready to bid farewell to them incase you’ve dropped them.Their designs are similar and stolen especially from the iPad (I’ve already seen so many of them).They don’t usually come with warranties and after sale support so chances are narrowed that you’ll be able to repair or exchange them in case of any hardware issues.

No software updates or access to Play Store:

Since the companies making these tablet's do all this just for financial gain, they never ‘waste’ money on software updates to fix issues or updating the software. And because of the stolen & unlicensed software, they usually don’t have access to the Play Store for downloading apps so downloading your favorite apps will definitely become a headache.

Though you can download APKs for various apps,but again,that’s not legal.

Bad specifications:

This was expected, wasn’t it? Because of no access to application stores,poor cameras and only limited pre-installed apps,these tablets will bore you soon.Those ports you see on them might just be there just for the purpose of show-offing.

Performance issues, display & touch input:

This is possibly the biggest drawback.To save manufacturing costs, these tablets have low RAMs and aged & underpowered processors.This will cause the tablet to have performance issues which will only worsen with time. Battery life isn’t that great either. Their displays are usually washed out and touchscreens are usually resistive so they actually promise to make your user-experience ‘memorable’.

Low resale value:

After a year or two, these products will most probably be rendered unusable so on reselling them, you’ll only get a fraction of your money back as no-one would like to spend their fortunes on a cheap, unreliable and used device.


And all these reasons apply not only to Chinese tablet's,but also to all the other cheap Chinese devices too. This article is only scratching the surface and listing the most important points,but you’ll learn about even more trade-offs as you’ll progress in your journey with the tablet.

Its always recommended that you save some more money and buy a good,reliable and branded tablet from a well-known company (like Google Nexus 7). Although not all of the Chinese tablets are like this, but most of them are so why not save your money and make a sensible decision?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mobilink Brings Back (Paid) SMS Delivery Report's.

Mobilink Brings Back (Paid) SMS Delivery Report's:

If you remember from those old days, all cellular operators in Pakistan used to offer SMS delivery reports for free.

But then, reportedly, one fine day all operators collectively decided to take down this free value added service and to charge customers for SMS Delivery Reports.

Just in case if you don’t know, SMS delivery reports confirm you the recipient of SMS to receiver.

It displays the acknowledgment notice to sender whenever a SMS reaches its recipient – a useful service for those who want to make sure that their SMS communication makes its way to the recipient party.

Mobilink, like other operators, recently re-introduced SMS delivery Reports with charges of course.

How to Subscribe:
  •     Mobilink customer needs to send “SUB” to 2742

How to Unsubscribe:
  •     To unsubscribe SMS “UNSUB” to 2742

  • This service is free for postpaid customers, while prepaid customers will be charged Rs. 0.50 plus tax or Rs. 0.63 including tax per day. This will translate into Rs. 15 plus tax per month.

More details in below table:

  •     Users will be required to enable delivery report feature of their handset to be able to receive delivery reports.
  •     To use the service customers have to activate delivery receipt/confirmation option in the message settings of their handsets.
  •     subscribers will receive free tips related to the category they have subscribed for on every alternate day.
  •     The service is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers.
  •     All rates are exclusive of GST
  •     19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.

Saudi Government to Give Free SIMs to Pakistani Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims.

Saudi Government to Give Free SIMs to Pakistani Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims:

Hajj and Umrah pilgrims travelling from Pakistan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will receive a free mobile SIM from Mobily,a Saudi mobile phone company,under sponsorship from the Hajeej International and Aroma Group of Companies..

Pilgrims will now be able to concentrate on performing their religious duties instead of wasting time searching for mobile phone SIMs..

Similarly,Indian Government,in association with the Saudi Government will provide free mobile phone SIMs to Indian pilgrims who will leave for Saudi Arabia.These SIM cards will have all the important numbers so that it could help the pilgrim in case of emergency..

It merits mentioning here that all cellular mobile operator's in Pakistan offer decreased roaming charges and free international roaming activation (on prepaid subscriptions) for those travelling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah..

Moreover,receiving SMS on all Pakistani networks in Saudi Arabia,while on roaming, is free of charge..

UFone Call of the Day Info Services.

UFone Call of the Day Info Services:

Ufone is now offering it's customer's to remain updated with selected categories of news and entertainment info through a 30 second call per day on customer's preferred timings.

Customer's will be able to choose the category of your choice and the timings in which you would like to receive the call.

Call of the Day Categories:
  •     Daily Headline News.
  •     Daily Sports News.
  •     Jokes.
  •     Quotes.
  •     Ayat.
  •     Hadith

Call of the Day Timings:

‘Call of the day’ will be a pre-recorded call. You can choose the timings as;
  •     Morning: Between – 9 am to 12 pm
  •     Afternoon: Between – 12 pm to 5 pm
  •     Evening: Between – 5 pm to 8 pm

How to Subscribe:
  • Dial 2722 to Subscribe this Service.

Service Charges:
  • Ufone Call of the Day is charged at Rs. 5 per week.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Angry Birds v1.4.2 S^3 SymbainOS9.5.

Angry Birds v1.4.2 Update Official Version for Symbian^3:

What's New:
  • Golden Egg support.
  • New UI.
  • Added new level: Danger Above.
  • Added new level: The Big Setup.

What's Missing:
  • Ham 'Em High.

  • - Make sure you have the original Angry Birds game installed on your phone..
  • - Install update on your phone.It will automatically overwrite the existing installation..
File Format:
  • SIS 

Mobilink Customer's to Buy Google Play Content Through Mobile Credit.

Mobilink Customer's to Buy Google Play Content Through Mobile Credit:

Mobilink today announced that its parent company VimpelCom and Google have signed an agreement to deliver a new,enhanced digital entertainment experience for VimpelCom customer's across it's market's.

Through this deal,Mobilink customer's will be able to use their mobile account's to easily find,try and buy Google Play content.

The cost of any purchased app will be simply deducted from a customer’s prepaid credit or just added to their monthly bill in case of postpaid.

The Google Play store brings together Google digital goods including apps,games,Google Books, Google Music and Google Movies into a single unified offering.User's can access their entire library of music,videos,books,apps,and games in one place,all of which are also stored online,without the need to synchronize devices.

A dedicated “VimpelCom Channel” will make it easy for VimpelCom customer's to navigate their way among the 600,000 apps available in the Google Play store.

Available via the local Google Play store,the VimpelCom channel will feature dozens of apps,tailored to offer local content and services.The “VimpelCom Channel” and mobile account payments for the Google Play store will be rolled out in VimpelCom’s operations across the globe, starting later on this year.

Mikhail Gerchuk,VimpelCom’s Group Chief Commercial Officer,said: “the collaboration with Google will provide our customer's around the world with a convenient way to access and pay for millions of apps, games and songs,significantly enhancing the smartphone experience in countries where banking and credit card services are not widely used.

In most of our markets, we will be the first operator to launch mobile account payments for Google Play store and with the “VimpelCom Channel” we will bring tailored content to millions of our customer's around the globe using Android smartphones” he said..

This latest agreement is part of VimpelCom’s consistent strategy of providing its customer's with the best mobile internet experience, complementing it's recently announced partnership with Opera Software to deliver better mobile web browsing for customers using a low-cost mobile phone..

Wateen Now Upgrades it's Digital Cable Services.

Wateen Now Upgrades it's Digital Cable Services:

Wateen Multimedia is now better serving the need's of its customer's after the installation of a new head-end for improvement of its digital cable services,claimed a statement issued by the company.

The head-end was built with state of the art equipment from Appear TV and is scalable to the current multimedia and digital entertainment and information of Wateen’s existing customer base as well as any future growth in subscriber's.

As a result of this upgrade,Wateen’s customer's will receive better quality cable as well as have access to digital channel's with improved picture quality and reception,without interruption's.

The latest head-end combines an innovative modular approach that enables it to offer the most flexible portfolio of solution's for cable operator's,with support for the delivery of video services most formats and enabling a rapid transition to IP-based network's.

The company’s solutions enable descrambling and multiplexing of content in a compact format allowing high capacity signals to be sent over the network.The streaming solutions support MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 HD and SD services.These solutions will enable Wateen to offer better quality services to the cable operator's who carry its feeds to consumer's.

The new head-end will go online immediately to allow Wateen customer's access to the added benefits of this latest technology.It signed up multiple distributors over the last year to enhance its coverage.

Wateen claim's to have 125,000 Cable service customer's in Lahore and Multan..

Friday, July 6, 2012

PTCL Brings Free Double Balance for Vfone Customer's.

PTCL Brings Free Double Balance for Vfone Customer's:

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched double balance package for its Vfone customer's,giving absolutely free additional balance equal to the loaded amount.

PTCL’s Vfone customer's can avail this double balance offer if their Vfone account has not been recharged after January 1, 2012. The validity of free balance will be 30 day's.

Vfone has the country’s largest WLL coverage and is available with both prepaid and postpaid option's.It's customer's have the liberty of unlimited free call's from Vfone to Vfone and Vfone to PSTN in ‘Family & Unlimited packages’ against a nominal daily line rent.Customer's can also avail extremely low unbeatable rates of RS:1.30/min only for any network through Vfone’s ‘Exciting Smart package’.

Supported by high-speed Internet with CDMA 1x technology,Vfone also offers SMS facility to and from all networks at a nominal rate of 30 paisas per SMS only.

“PTCL continues to offer most affordable telecommunications packages and special offer's to its customer's,”said PTCL Senior Executive Vice President Commercial,Naveed Saeed. “Our aim is to exceed customer expectations by offering affordable rates and quality service.”

“Keeping in mind the needs of the customer's, we will keep upgrading PTCL’s services,”said PTCL Executive Vice President Wireless, Omar Khalid. “PTCL Vfone offers unmatched voice quality and SMS service with access to high-speed Internet and mobility.”

Qubee launched Triple Dynamite in July.

Qubee launched Triple Dynamite in July:

Qubee has launched this promotion in July 2012, named as the Triple Dynamite offer..The campaign provides all new & existing customer's with three times the volume of their chosen package..

It should be noted here,the broadband service provider's traditionally offer double volumes to their customers,however,this is the first time that a service provider has changed the practice and offered triple volume..

On the occasion,the Chief Executive Officer of Qubee,Mr. Jamal Nasir Khan said “Qubee is a customer-centric organization with a focus on rewarding user's for their loyalty.Therefore, this summer, we have offered all new sign-ups to Qubee with triple volume in July & August, whereas for our loyal customer base we have already given them triple volume on their current package free-of-cost”..

As per the rules of the campaign, the promotion is valid from 1st to 31st July 2012, where triple volume is awarded to customer's irrespective the package they sign-up on.. 

wi-tribe launched Summar Hungama.

wi-tribe launched Summar Hungama:

Wi-tribe Pakistan has Offer's this new offer called the ‘Summer Hangama’, which will allow its customer's to use two days of endless internet (fair usage policy applies), every weekend on Saturday and Sundays.!

And most importantly this is free.Simply keep your wi-tribe account current to avail endless internet for all weekend's in the next 30 day's..You will receive a confirmation email within 3 day's from the date of bill payment with activation detail's..


Endless package policy:Parameters will change and speed will be reduced upon utilizing 30GB on 512Kbps package & 40GB on 2 Mbps package in any given month..

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

LinkedIn Get's its Unofficial,Silly and Tempered Version for Pakistan.

LinkedIn Get's its Unofficial,Silly and Tempered Version for Pakistan:

LinkedIn would cry its heart out or even better it might crash it's head into wall if it ever happen's to see LinkedIn.com.pk – a country TLD for professional networking website i.e: LinkedIn.com.

LinkedIn.com.pk – apparently registered by someone from Pakistan – host's a clutter of services including job offering's without much sense.

I would rather call it a MFA website (made for adsense) which has got all the properties to get penalized by Google in less than two hour's.

Syed Arshad Jilani,the contact person mentioned in PKNIC record's for owner of the domain,should have contacted LinkedIn.com to hand this domain over to them in return of hefty buck's,instead of making few cent's out of this incredibly precious domain name by destroying everything associated with it.

Not to mention,LinkedIn.com has got every right to get to PKNIC to grab country level TLD for their registered trademark.It maybe recalled that LinkedIn and LinkedIn.com are registered trademark's of LinkedIn Ltd.

Idea of earning money online has hit Pakistanis so hard that they try every possible (yet stupid) way to earn dollars – but from the experience we can tell you that these efforts never materialize,unless you bring innovation and productivity in your product..

Zong Introduces Flutter,Ultimate Mobile Package for Ladies.

Zong Introduces Flutter,Ultimate Mobile Package for Ladies:

Zong strikes again by introducing the ultimate daily mobile package that bundles free SMS and voice minutes,specifically tailored for ladies–but gents can use Zong Flutter too,without shying..

As much as 75 free minutes,100 free SMS and free off-net minutes on receiving other-network calls,free call block service and much more..

Keep reading to know it all.

Package Detail's:

  •     Zong to Zong: Rs. 1.2/minute + tax (per minute pulse).
  •     Zong to other network: Rs. 1.2/minute + tax (per minute pulse).
  •     SMS to any network: Rs. 0.8/SMS + tax.
  •     Happy Hour: Rs. 5 + tax per hour daily (flexible hours) only for one hour.
  •     Zong Friends & Family Numbers: 5 dynamic numbers (usage based) OR top 5 F&F from existing list in case of migrations.
  •     Zong Friends & Family Rate: Rs. 0.35/minute + tax.
  •     MMS: Rs. 3/300KB.
  •     Mobile Internet: Rs. 15/MB.

In addition to up mentioned package detail's,Zong Flutter subscriber's can avail daily promotion that will cost Rs. 4 per day..

Flutter Daily Promotion:

Customer's can subscribe to Zong Flutter offer for Rs: 4 per day,and in return they will get:
  •     75 free minutes.
  •     100 SMS.
  •     1 free Out Going Off-Net minute on 3 In Coming Off-Net minutes.
  •     Flutter Lounge.
  •     Call Block Service.
  •     Women specific gifts every month up to 500,000 through Lucky Draw.


  • As mentioned above, all this comes at a daily rental of Rs: 4 plus tax per day.That’s it...

How to Subscribe:
  •     Existing Zong customers will have to dial *369# to activate the Flutter Package..
  •     All new female customers from 789 will have Flutter Package as their default package..
  •     SMS will be sent to them mentioning.
  •         Welcome to World of Flutter. A special package for Women with 75 On-Net mins, 100 SMS, Call/SMS Block and Flutter Lounge Service every day & exciting prizes@Rs.4+t.
  •         Dear Customer! Keep on enjoying Flutter and stay tuned for much more. If you want to go back to your previous package reply with N..
  •     The subscription and migration to this package will be FOC i.e. whenever customers want to avail this package they will not bear any charges for package transfer..

How to Add FnF:

New customers can add the usage based suggested F&F number's or they can have their own desired F&F number's..
  •     F < space > Mobile Number for F&F addition..
  •     F list for F&F list..
  •     delete < space > Mobile Number for MSISDN deletion from F&F list.
  •     modify < space > Mobile Number for new MSISDN addition..
  •     Customers will send "F < space > list" to update their existing F&F list..
  •     F&F suggestions based on customers’ usage shall be shared with them through SMS..
  •     Based on monthly usage of a customer 5 On-Net F&F will be suggested to customers. In case of migrating customers with their already existing F&F list,their top 5 F&F number's will be carried forward to this package..

Happy Hour Selection:
  •     H < space > option number for Happy Hour selection...
  •     Customers can subscribe for Happy Hour for as many times as they want in a given day..

Rescue Balance:
  •     Customers can send "Rescue" to SMS SC 369 for activating rescue call.
  •     When the customer subscribes to Rescue Call by sending "Rescue" to 369, a balance worth Rs. 5 will be deducted and kept in reserve. The customer can redeem this amount by sending "Help" to 369..
  •     The rescue call facility will have a balance refill option and customers can use their balance worth Rs. 5 (this balance will exhaust based on the price points of calls only specifically applied to Flutter Package).

Terms & Conditions (Package):
  •     All female customers activating through 789 will be moved to default Flutter Package..
  •     Existing Flutter Package customers will send their SMS to SC 369 to activate for the promotion (in case if they unsubscribe to the Flutter Promotion while staying on Flutter Package)..
  •     The conventional call charges of Flutter Package will be minute based..
  •     Maximum limit of this package is 5 F&F numbers..
  •     The selected MSISDNs of F&F through suggestions shall have priority over existing F&F list of the customer..
  •     Customers migrating to Flutter package will have their F&F list unchanged for only top 5 F&F..
  •     Customers using the Rescue Call balance will be charged as per Flutter Package tariffs..
  •     Customers can use the Rescue Call balance for all services other than voice only..
  •     The Rescue Call facility will be optional and customers will be asked if they want to avail this facility.
  •     The customers can refill their Rescue Call balance as many times as they want at any point of time.
  •     Free resources will have priority over Happy Hour and F&F i.e. free resources will be utilized first.
  •     The Happy Hour charges have priority over F&F charges i.e. charges of Happy Hour will apply to a call to F&F number during Happy Hour..
  •     The customers unsubscribing to this package will bear conventional charges for package change except for the customers who came to this package through 789 for the first time (their FOC first package migration will hold)..
  •     Customers already subscribed to any bundle will be unsubscribed from existing bundle in case if they activate the Women Package..
  •     The package will not be legible for Postpaid Customer's..
  •     LBC customers coming on Flutter Package will not be able to opt for LBC unless they do Package Migration.
  •     The package will not be legible for International Roaming..

Terms & Conditions (Daily Promotion):
  •     The promotion will be automatically activated as soon as a customer subscribes to the Women’s Package..
  •     To reactivate the promotion at any point they can send "Y" or "Sub" to SMS SC 369
  •     There will be a 24 hours validity of free resources:
  •         Free 75 On-Net minutes
  •         Free 100 SMS
  •         Free Call Block Facility
  •         Flutter Promotion Push SMS
  •         Women specific gifts every month up to 500,000 through Lucky Draw
  •         1 free Out Going Off-Net minute on receiving 3 minute Off-Net In Coming
  •     The free 75 On-Net minutes will be valid for On-Net only, all Off-Net & International calls will be charged as per package plan..
  •     Once 75 minutes are consumed within 1 calendar day of activation, the customer will be charged for next On-Net calls as per Flutter Package..
  •     Maximum capacity of SMS is 100 SMS/day. In case if the capacity is exhausted within 24 hours of subscription then customers will be charged for SMS as per package plan..
  •     Customers can subscribe to the daily SMS bundle with 500 SMS if and only if their 100 SMS usage capacity is chocked..
  •     The conventional charges of Daily SMS bundle will apply.
  •     The 1 minute usage of free Off-Net Outgoing minutes will be accounted for 1 minute or less..
  •     1 Outgoing Off-Net minute will be granted to the customer only if they receive one or multiple Off-Net calls for minimum 3 minutes..
  •     Call Block Facility will be offered on daily basis as a part of the promotion i.e. if the customer is subscribed for the promotion only then call block service will be available for that day..
  •     In case if customers have 15 or more subscriptions in last 30 days, they will be offered Call Block facility FOC for their next 30 days..
  •     The Call Block service will not remain in case of promotion/package termination except for:
  •         A Customer on Flutter Package AND
  •         Customer subscribed to Flutter Promotion for 15 days or more in last 30 days.
  •     The bundle will be automatically re-subscribed unless requested by customer for un-subscription..
  •     Customers with insufficient balance will be automatically un-subscribed but will be re-subscribed once they have sufficient balance..
  •     Capacity of Call Block Facility will be a maximum of 50 MSISDNs..
  •     LBC Customers will not be legible for this promotion..
  •     The promotion will be automatically deactivated in the following cases:
  •         Customers unsubscribing from default package.
  •         Customers going on International roaming.
  •     The validity of all resources (excluding Call Block facility (conditions apply) of promotion is for one calendar day..

Ufone Offer's 100,000 Saudi Riyal's and Umrah Package's.

Ufone Offer's 100,000 Saudi Riyal's and Umrah Package's:

Ufone is offering its customer's a chance to win Umrah ticket's on daily basis,two of them per day in fact and 100,000 Saudi Riyals (or Rs. 2,500,000) as bumper prize through lucky draw.

How to Participate:

All you need to do is to consume Rs: 10 per day to get enlisted in the lucky draw.

Promotion is already running and will remain valid till August 17th, 2012.

Two complete Umrah packages are to be announced daily,while two bumper prize winners of 100,000 Saudi Riyals will be announced after 1st week of Eid.

Terms & Conditions:

  •     The duration of this offer is from 1 July 2012 to 17 Aug 2012.
  •     Umrah Package will cover Visa Fee, Accommodation for 7 days and Air Travel cost only.All other expenses will be bear by the winner..
  •     Customer will have the option to get cash equivalent of Umrah package..
  •     The winners will be contacted by Ufone itself via call from ‘333’ number.
  •     Lucky draw for bumper prize will be conducted in the 1st week after Eid.
  •     Lucky draw for bumper prize will be conducted among those subscribers who would have used Rs:10 (Inc. of taxes) on any day between 1 July 2012 to 17 Aug 2012.
  •     Do not entertain any calls or SMS asking for credit transfer or balance load/share to win the prize. Ufone will not be responsible for any loss that may occur due to any such activities.
  •     Lucky Draw will be conducted on daily basis on those subscribers who have consumed a minimum balance of Rs: 10(Inc of Taxes) on that day..
  •     This offer is for all new, MNP and existing Prepaid customer's only.
  •     Ufone employees, their family members and employees of related organizations cannot be a part of this lucky draw.
  •     Ufone’s decision(s) related to the lucky draw will be deemed final.
  •     Prizes can be availed from specific service center's..
  •     To avail the prize it is mandatory that the SIM is in your name.
  •     Customers can encash the Umrah Package, Remaining prizes cannot be exchanged or transferred in any situation..
  •     Ufone keeps the rights to advertise the winner's.
  •     Terms and Conditions apply..
  •     Using SIMS without proper documentation is a crime – PTA.
  •     19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.. 

Google Nexus 7 Takes on It's Competitor's in Comparison Table:

Google Nexus 7 Takes on It's Competitor's in Comparison Table:

The new Nexus 7 Tablet has got some killer hardware coupled with a respectable software,i.e: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean,which is already receiving positive review's.

While its main competitor's will be either Amazon Kindle Fire or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0,we think that it has enough skill's to take on even the best in tablet business.

Does it succeed?
let’s find out:

*some version's of this tablet support voice and video calls as well

I will mention it again that Ipad 3 and Transformer Prime aren’t Google Nexus 7’s main competitor's,but still thanks to its great hardware,it can compete with those too in some,if not all categories.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

iGaming Free Blogger/Blogspot Template.

iGaming Free Blogger/Blogspot Template:

iGaming is a free blogger/blogspot template adapted from WordPress with 2 column's,right sidebar,footer column's,slideshow,social icon's,post's thumbnail's,tab's and drop down menu.

Excellent layout for blogs about game's..

Basic Instructions:

How to install a Blogger Templates.


Noble Free Blogger/Blogspot Template.

Noble Free Blogger/Blogspot Template:

Noble is a free blogger/blogspot template adapted from WordPress with 2 column's,right sidebar,rounded corner's,slideshow,social icon's,post's thumbnail's and drop down menu.
Basic Instructions:

How to install a Blogger Templates.