Saturday, June 30, 2012

Future with Google Glass.

Future with Google Glass:

There has been quite a lot of talking on the web about Google Glass but some people still have failed to get the hang of it. Here we’ll go through the basics & every other thing related to the hyped product.

What are Google Glasses?

Google Glasses is Google’s take at wearable computing.Like you might have seen in various science fiction movies.

Google Glasses consist of a frame made almost like that of a normal spectacle but is a lot more technical. A screen on the glasses that will display an interface from where you’ll be able to carry out various functions. This video will help you know more about the interface and how the whole thing works.

Check below video to have an idea of the capabilities of Google Glasses:
The hardware and connectivity:

The right side of the frame boasts a touchpad. The part of the glass behind your ears is where the battery is placed. The front part has a camera but more importantly a small, transparent screen which acts like a display.

Inside the frame, there’s a CPU, RAM, a mic and a speaker. The glasses will have motion sensors. They will most-probably support 3G and 4G connections and also GPS. They’ll be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible with Android smartphones.

How do they work and what can they do?

The OS running on the glasses will be Android.You will be able to scroll through the interface just by moving your head around and by voice input..

The Glasses will allow you to make voice and video calls,plan routes, know about the places in your surroundings, play music, taking photos (and sharing them through G+), remind you of your time-table & about the weather, send messages and a lot more..

Google Glasses will make the world around you interactive..Google is also working on a special pair of glasses for people who already wear glasses..

Live Demo of Google Glass:

I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss this live demo of Google Glasses at Google I/O event in which number of Skydivers and stunt bikers performed together hanging out of Google Plus wearing Google Glasses..

The bad:

Some trade-offs will have to be made..The glasses will be available at a price comparable to that of a high-end smartphone, so don’t expect them to come cheap. Also lets hope that the glasses won’t have any troubles in recognizing your voice and accent..

Hopefully the camera will not be as blurry as the one shown at Google I/O 2012 by the Skydivers (but we’ve got to admit that was an extreme test)..Also a pair of glasses should be made with a screen on the left side of the glasses for people with more-capable left eye. But worst of all, the glasses can be dangerous too..

They can distract you from your surroundings during operation.This can cause accidents on roads where the user can be distracted..

And of course,the people on the road (who will be unable to see the glass) will get the impression that you are talking to the surroundings.Also expect the glasses to display advertisements as well..


Google co-founder Sergery Brin said that he ‘expects’ the glasses to be available some time next year but wasn’t very sure when they’ll be released. So expect the glasses to be released in 2014.

This means you’ll have to wait for quite a time but the glasses are only in their developing stage now.The developers who’ve been to the Google I/O can pre-order the glasses for $1500 and will get them early next year. But they’ll be far from the final product too and the experience won’t be very good..

The Verdict:

Google glasses is an extra-ordinary idea which seems to be really advanced and from the future.But the product will come with some disadvantages.And will the glasses work as good in Pakistan as they will in the US? I don’t think so. We can only hope the end product to be cheap,user-friendly and of course useable..

Warid Power Pack Bundle Offer.


Warid Power Pack Bundle Offer:

Warid has announced Power Pack bundle offer that includes 5 on-net minutes,5 MB of Mobile Internet and 100 SMS to any network for just Rs: 5 per day,that’s probably better than any competition offer.

Offer Detail's:

  •     Minutes included in Power Pack: 5.
  •     SMS to any network: 100 SMS.
  •     GPRS: 5 MB.
  •     Validity: 1 day.

Subscription Process:
  • To activate Power Pack offer, write “P” and SMS to 7777.

  • Rs 4.99+tax (Voice – SMS- GPRS)

Terms & Conditions:
  •     Minutes are Warid to Warid only and SMS for all numbers.
  •     This is a limited time offer & only for Prepaid subscribers.
  •     It is a daily subscription offer.
  •     7777 charges are Rs. 1 + tax.
  •     All charges include government taxes and levies as well as a 19.5% federal excise duty.
  •     Each recharge done through scratch cards and Warid Ezeeload includes 10% withholding tax.
  •     Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Warid Offer's Advance Balance.

Warid Offer's Advance Balance:

Warid is re-launched its advance balance,or credit for using airtime,for its prepaid customer's.

Advance Balance is aimed at providing prepaid customer's with emergency balance,once their account has insufficient balance for use of basic cellular services e.g. voice call, SMS.

Warid had announced Advance Balance service earlier in February 2012,which they have re-branded now enhanced feature's.

How to Get Warid Advance Balance:

  •     Just send “AB” to 7676 to get Warid balance
  •     Rs. 12 will be credited to user account as advance balance.
  •     Service charges are Rs. 2 plus tax

Terms & Conditions:
  •     Subscribe to Advance Balance by sending “AB” to 7676*
  •     *Sending any other keywords or even a blank SMS to 7676 will get you subscribed to this service.
  •     There are no charges for sending SMS to 7676, service fee is charged only on successful Advance Balance.
  •     Available to Warid Prepaid Subscribers only.
  •     This service is currently available for limited packages.
  •     In order to qualify for Advance Balance:
  •         Customer should be active during the past 90 days.
  •         Customer should be at-least 6 months old in order to qualify for Advance Balance.
  •         Your current prepaid balance should be low enough as not being able to use basic services.
  •     Service fee of Rs.2+tax shall be applicable over and above the Advance balance amount.
  •     No extra charges or taxes apply on the Advance Balance amount apart from the Service Fee.
  •     Customer shall not be able to make international calls until Advance Balance is paid off.
  •     Customers will not be able to share their Advance Balance amount with other customers.
  •     Subscriber can utilize this feature only once before clearing their Advance Balance + Service fee amount. Once the amount is cleared the subscriber is eligible for another Advance Balance.
  •     Once the Advance balance limit is consumed, the subscriber will have to recharge/top-up via the conventional methods available.
  •     Upon the next recharge/top up customer is charged the Advance balance amount plus service fee for utilizing the service
  •     Partial deductions to Advance Balance amount shall be done where customer’s recharge amount is less than the Advance Balance + Service fee.

[Preview] Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Announced.

[Preview] Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Announced:

Other than the announcement of the Google Nexus 7 Tablet,the other big announcement regarding Android was that of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean,the latest update to the Android operating system..

Project Butter:

This is a completely new venture started by Google to solve the performance issues and lagness on Android devices..

Project Butter is reportedly developed in three areas, namely Vsync, triple buffering and touchscreen, all of which have been implemented into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean..

Jelly Bean will offer Vsync, triple buffering and touchscreen work together for a better user experience..

Vsync of the screen now works at a constant rate of 60 frames per second, while Triple buffering will make the CPU, GPU and display to co-ordinate well by working together..

The touchscreen will now also be able to anticipate where the user will put the finger..These 3 features promise ‘butter’ smooth user-interface..

Home screen:

Moving and Rearranging apps on the Android home-screen has never been very good. Android 4.1 makes this task easier.The new icons can now re-size themselves around any app or widget you will install on the home-screen.Any app or widget will now be deleted by a simple swipe..

Offline voice input:

Voice input in Android can now work offline unlike before when it required data connection every time when used..

Updated Keyboard:

The Android Keyboard is more intelligent than ever.The phone’s dictionary has got updated with more words.Predictive text input can now predict the word even before you’ve finished writing it..

Redesigned camera app:

The camera app gets even better in Android 4.1.The taken photos can now be seen just by a swipe to the left.Pinching brings all your photos in the form of a filmstrip and swiping a picture from the screen registers a delete now.An undo button is there too if you’ve mistakenly deleted a beloved photograph.

Google Now:

Google Now is a brilliant new feature which keeps track of your current location.It then keep telling you about the things associated with the place you are in.Like if you are at an airport then Google Now will keep telling you about the flight timings..

Smart app updates:

Smart app updates is a new feature which will allow the app developers to update only the part of the apps which require an update instead of updating the whole app.It will save time and will also use less data.Google says that the new app updates will now be of only one-third the size they used to be..

Better Google Search Integration and Google Now:

Search now tracks your location and brings you suggestions for the places you visit.It also gets visually better.The feature of searching the web in Android has been quite old but now the device will reply you back too with the search results..

Tap to connect by Android Beam:

Jelly Bean brings tap to connect feature by NFC (which we have already seen on several devices).To connect,the devices running Jelly Bean will be tapped and the files will be transferred at a good speed. This technique will also be used for connecting with NFC compatible speakers..

New notification system:

Now you can do task's and carry out actions directly from the notification bar.For example,if you have got a missed call, you’ll be able to call the person directly from the notification bar..

Android Jelly Bean will be available right in mid-July and a developer preview version is already made available.Its not as big an update as Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 but still Jelly Bean promised to bring some cool new feature which sure will attract a lot of people..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Add social sharing gadget into blogger/blogspot.

Add social sharing gadget into blogger/blogspot:

Social networking is the best place for gather traffic for web sites and blog.If you can add attractive gadget to your blog then you can get good traffic.
However blogger/blogspot has few social sharing links,but now there's popular social sharing gadget to blogger/blogspot.

AddThis is a free way to boost traffic back to your site by making it easier for visitor's to share your content.

Getting Addthis code:

  •     Create a new account in Addthis site. (
  •     If you have "Facebook" , Google or Open ID accounts you can log in to "Addthis" using above accounts.
  •     Go to "Get Addthis".
  •     Then choose blog "platform" and your prefer "style".
  •     Click "Grab It" for copy addthis code.

Adding addthis code into blogger/blogspot:
  •     After that Login to your blogger/blogspot. Go to "Design" > "Page Elements">"Add gadget">"HTML/JavaScript ".
  •     Past above copied code in to "HTML/JavaScript "
  •     Click save/If you wants preview how this gadget position your blog click "Preview".

    That's all.

How to create Facebook fan page for a blogger/blogspot.

How to create Facebook fan page for a blogger/blogspot:

Social networking is the best place for gather traffic for web sites & blog.If you have Facebook fan page for your blog you can keep in touch with your blog visitor's.If you like to make your Facebook fan page separately form your personal account now you can do it.

Create Facebook fan page:

  •     Go to  ""
  •     Choose "Brand or product".
  •     Choose category as a "Web site" .
  •     Give your Fan page name. (Its better give your blog name).
  •     Click "agree" and click "Get start".
  •     If you like to create your Facebook fan page using your personal account this step  select  "I already have Facebook account"
  •     If you don't want create your Facebook fan page using your personal account select "I don't have Facebook account".
  •     Submit your email address and passwords.


Add free Contact Form to Blogger.

Add free Contact Form to Blogger:

It's better if we can add contact form for our blog.Then our visitor's can easily contact blog Owner.If we added our email address to contact page its not good way.If we can added contact forum we can get our blog visitor's feedback easily to our inbox.

You can easily add contact forum for your blogger/blogspot.123contactform is the one of the best contact forum for blogger/blogspot.You can create your contact forum in 3(three) styes.

How to add contact form to blogger/blogspot:

  • Visit web site and create an free account "123contactform".
  • Go to "Dashboard" and click "create new forum".
  • Then choose "Contact Form".
  • Then type appropriate name for your contact forum.
  • Then you can add fields to your forum. (Name, Message and email fields are automatically added)
  • Click "continue" for go to next stapes.
  • Then you can choose your contact forum settings,themes,notifications,respond email etc.
  • After you finish above stapes click "continue" for go ahead.
  • Final stapes is generating code, for blogger/blogspot select "Blogger" feild and copy " Javascript (recommended)" code.
  • Past above Javascript your blog contact page.

Nokia Pureview 808 Soon to See a in Pakistan.

Nokia Preview 808 Soon to See a in Pakistan:

Nokia Preview 808,that is equipped with gigantic 41 megapixel camera,is soon to hit Pakistani store's, told us sources close to the company.

is said to be holding a Nokia Preview 808 preview event for select blogger's and journalist's tomorrow,after which the shipment of Preview is likely to start with in a week or so.

We are told that Nokia Preview 808 will be priced around PKR 52,000 in Pakistan.

Built on Symbian Belle,Nokia Preview 808 is largely known for its extraordinary imaging capabilities that comes with Nokia’s new Preview technology, coupled with highest performance Carl Zeiss optics to date and Nokia’s brand-new pixel oversampling technology.

Pixel oversampling is said to be useful as it can switch camera pixel's to make sure long and close shot offer best results alike.

Preview Lens Specification's:

  •     Carl Zeiss Optics
  •     Focal length: 8.02mm
  •     35mm equivalent focal length: 26mm, 16:9 | 28mm, 4:3
  •     F-number:  f/2.4
  •     Focus range:  15cm – Infinity (throughout the zoom range)
  •     Construction:
  •         5 elements, 1 group.All lens surfaces are a spherical
  •         One high-index, low-dispersion glass mould lens
  •         Mechanical shutter with neutral density filter
  •     Optical format: 1/1.2”
  •     Total number of pixels:  7728 x 5368
  •     Pixel Size:  1.4 microns

Nokia Preview 808 Specification:
  •     four-inch, ClearBlack AMOLED display underneath Gorilla Glass
  •     1.3GHz processor
  •     There’s 16GB of internal user memory, with support for MicroSD cards up to 32GB
  •     Weight, including the battery, is 169g.
  •     Battery:
  •      Talk time: up to 6 h
  •       Standby: up to 465 h

Nokia Preview 808 Price in Pakistan:

While we are unsure of exact price of Nokia Preview 808, we are sure that its price will not cross 55K mark.Our sources suggest that this mega camera device will be sold in Pakistan at or around PKR 52,000 to PKR 55,000..

Burj Bank Select Dialogic Technology & ZRG Contact Center Apps.

Burj Bank Select Dialogic Technology & ZRG Contact Center Apps:

Burj Bank Limited in Pakistan has selected Dialogic Technology & ZRG contact center apps for their upcoming contact center project,said a statement shared with ProPakistani.

Burj Bank contact center project is aimed at providing the best quality of services to the customer's in a cost-effective way.

Burj Bank required an experienced solution provider offering the best technology and associated services.

Burj Bank invited offer's from several provider's and conducted thorough evaluations of the offered technology,Capabilities and strength's and prior performance of the technology from Cisco,Genesis, Dialogic and Avaya.Local dealers and resellers were also evaluated.

After evaluating several products,Burj Bank decided to go with Dialogic Technology due to flexibility, durability and its long term partner ZRG,a well recognized IT company in the region offering fully customized and integrated solutions.

Dialogic is a globally recognized leader and a pioneer in the innovative contact center communication and CTI technology.ZRG is well-known pioneer in ICT solutions and has a successful and un parallel track record of successfully delivering result-oriented and durable solutions during last 18 years.

Dialogic Technologies, deployed by ZRG are being successfully used by 16 leading banks within Pakistan and abroad, in addition to many other brand name organizations such as TCS, PSO,Sanofi, EFU,Allianz,MultiNet,PTCL and many others.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to text for Adsense target selected content.

How to text for Adsense target selected content:

It's better if we can target selected content for Adsense.Then all adsense ads are relevant to our article content.So that we can expect higher CTR.Most of the time Adsense consider all the web page contain keyword's for display ads.Adsense allow this kind of trick.

How to target selected content for Adsense:
  •     Log-in to your Blogger/Blogspot account and go to Dashboard.
  •     Then go to Design>Edit HTML.
  •     Then check Expand Widget Templates.
  •     Then press your keyboard F key with Ctrl. and search <data:post.body/>
  •     Then replace following code.

            <!-- google_ad_section_start -->
            <!-- google_ad_section_end -->

    Click save for apply this trick to your blog..

Remove blogger "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" link.

Remove blogger "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" link:

In every blogger/blospot platform blog display Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) on end of the page.If you want's to remove that in your blog you can do it easily by simple HTML hack.

Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) screenshot:

How to remove blogger/blogspot "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" link:
  •     Log-in to your blogger/blogspot account.
  •     Go to Dashboard > Desing > Edit HTML.
  •     Then Click your Ctrl and F key on your keyboard and locate out following code.

  •  <b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>

  •     Now remove that code and click "Preview" if its ok now save your template.

  • Above code display in your blogger HTML as following screenshot type.

            If you think you want to add this code later please copy and past it in text file and save it in your computer hard disk.

How to Make Blog Fast and Fastest.

How to Make Blog Fast and Fastest:

Hi,Dear friend's! How to Make Blog Faster.That's Boost Blog Speed with CSS Compressor.But,now I will discuss some problem's to make blog faster.Who don't want their blog become light,surely all of blogger's want it because our visitor's can browse our blog easier.

Based on my experience,there are some trick's to make blog fast:

  •     Did you know,pictures with large size can make our blog become slower.So,it's better for you to decrease the use large-size picture.Both in template and also posts.You can use Photoshop Save for Web & Device trick.

  • Over usage widget was one of problems which makes blog become slower.Especially if the widget contains heavy scripts.It's good for you to delete some widgets which unuseful such as clock,music player,pet,games,and so on.Use useful widget such as related posts,most popular articles,or maybe Google Friend Connect..
CSS and Javascript:
  • As we knew,CSS and javascipt can make our blog become good looking.But the side effect is it can make our blog become slowly.So you should decrease the usage or compress it for your blog.To compress Javascript,you can use Javascript Compressor..

I think good blog should have a good looking and fast loading.But,don't reduce your creativity on blog.

Stay blogging.!

wi-tribe Introduces How to Guides for User's.

wi-tribe Introduces How to Guides for User's:

wi-tribe in an effort to extend support to its customer's,has introduced how-to videos demonstrating various actions that wi-tribe customer's undergo.

These videos explain the process of installing a modem,configuring it,enabling password's,strengthening signals and various other things that will enhance wi-tribe customer's,experience with wireless broadband internet..

Videos come with easy to understand explanation in Urdu language that will simplify the usage and will enhance customer's,understanding about the product..

wi-tribe’s how to do videos are industry first in term's of helping customers with videos tutorials for the services they offer..

Effort should be replicated by other telecom operators, especially because reach of telecom services is extending beyond the urban areas..

To watch these How to videos click this URL:

Mobilink-Jazz Announces Honda Car's for New Subscriber's.

Mobilink-Jazz Announces Honda Car's for New Subscriber's:

With an aim to increase sales,Mobilink-Jazz has announced three Honda cars per week for its new customer's (new sale or Port-ins) who will get new Jazz SIMs after June 22nd, 2012 and will use Rs: 50 per week to win a Honda Car through lucky draw.

Mobilink-Jazz said it will be giving away three Honda cars,without mentioning the car model,on weekly basis for using Rs: 50 credit (inclusive of taxes) from Monday to next Sunday.

This offer is for Jazz customer's only,Jazba subscriber's aren’t included.

  •     Subscriber's who have bought SIM since June 22, 2012 will be eligible for the promotion.
  •     Customer will have to do a usage of Rs. 50 / week (inclusive of tax) from Monday to Sunday to participate in the promotion.Both new sales and port-in subscribers are eligible for this offer.
  •     Only Jazz customer's will be eligible for this offer and Jazba subscribers will not be a part of this offer.
  •     The winners will be contacted by Mobilink itself via call.
  •     Please do not entertain any calls or SMS asking for credit transfer or balance load/share to win the prize.Mobilink will not be responsible for any loss that may occur due to any such activities.
  •     The promotion will be run on a weekly basis and is for limited time.
  •     Mobilink-Jazz employees, their family members and employees of related organizations cannot be a part of this lucky draw.
  •     Mobilink’s decision(s) related to the lucky draw will be deemed final.
  •     Honda Civic car model will be finalized by Mobilink-Jazz.
  •     To avail the prize it is mandatory that the SIM is in your name.
  •     Prizes cannot be exchanged or transferred in any situation.
  •     Car delivery is dependent on the delivery schedule of the manufacturing company.
  •     All documentation and expenses pertaining to the registration of the prize car will be the winner’s responsibility.
  •     Mobilink-Jazz keeps the rights to advertise the winners.
  •     Terms and conditions apply, which can be changed.
  •     19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.

Warid Prepaid Now Finally Bring's Ghanta Offer-SMS Bundles.

Warid Prepaid Now Finally Bring's Ghanta Offer and SMS Bundles:

Warid has Now finally considered the feedback and need of its prepaid customer's as it has today announced Ghanta Offer for its customer's for making long duration call's,in addition to daily and weekly SMS bundles.

Keep reading to know it all.
Ghanta Offer:

Warid prepaid customer's can make hourly call's at Rs. 3.99 plus tax during 12 AM to 6 PM.This offer comes with a daily charge of Rs: 2 plus tax.

Ghanta Offer will be available on all Warid Prepaid Minute Package and ZEM customer's.This include (Minute Package, ZEM 30LCR, ZEM 60, ZEM 30 & ZEM 01)


  •     Call Charges: Rs: 3.99 + tax per hour (12am – 6pm).
  •     Daily Charges: Rs: 2 plus tax per day.

  •     To activate offer,write “Gh” and SMS to 3333..
  •     Sending message on 3333 is free..

  •     Daily rental is Rs. 2+tex.
  •     Customer will be charged on-net and off-net call as per package plan from 6pm till 12am.
  •     In case of low balance, Ghanta offer will be deactivated and it has to be subscribed again.
  •     Short code charge of 3333 is Free.
  •     Offer expires at midnight 12am.

SMS Packages:

Daily SMS Package:
  •     500 all network sms.
  •     Rs 3.50+t/day.
  •     Subscription: Send DS to 3333.
  •     Sms Balance Inquiry via *200# (Free of cost).
  •     Only for Warid Prepaid Minute Package and ZEM customer's.
  •     Short code charge of 3333 is Free.

Weekly SMS Package:
  •     1000 all network sms.
  •     Rs 6.99+t/week.
  •     Send WS to 3333.
  •     Sms Balance Inquiry via *200# (Free of cost).
  •     Only for Warid Prepaid Minute Package and ZEM customer's.
  •     Short code charge of 3333 is Free.

32 Player's Complete Their Dream Journey–All Thanks to Zong.

32 Player's Complete Their Dream Journey–All Thanks to Zong:

The 32 most outstanding player's of the ‘ZONG UNITED KICKOFF’ Football Tournament returned from their dream journe –A weeklong training session at the Manchester United Soccer School (MUSS) in Abu Dhabi..

It was a life changing experience for these young player's exclusively provided by ZONG–The digital partner of Pakistani nation..

During the week, the player's had an extensive training schedule spanning over 5 day's which primarily focused on things like,physical and technical skills,nutrition and diet,player’s attitude on and off the pitch, what to do when sitting out, warm up skills, dribbling, shooting, passing and ball control.The young players were also provided with training in other fields,such as tactical understanding,and mental, physical and social growth..

Two dedicated Manchester United trainer's were assigned the task and both were extremely impressed by the talent and prowess of the players with the ball.The trainers paid extra attention toward's highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and helped them further improve their game.

Andy Dixon,Head Coach/Project coordinator of the Manchester United Soccer Schools program in Abu Dhabi praised the young players in these words,“I am impressed with the immense talent that these kids have. All of them have unique qualities which will help in bringing them to the international football scene one day.ZONG has done a tremendous job by providing them this matchless opportunity and I am confident that this training will be the first step of the exciting journey that lies ahead of these youngsters.”

The MU legend,Dion Dublin was also present at the activity and stayed with the children till the presentation ceremony on the last day of the activity.Due to his charismatic personality and his approachable demeanor,Dublin really connected with the children and helped mentor them throughout their sessions.

Usman Ishaq,Executive Director Commercial of ZONG said,“We are glad to have done something which will help these talented children further refine their talent.Being a China Mobile’s brand,ZONG has an emotional relationship with the Pakistani nation.Like any good friend,ZONG also wants to promote the talent of Pakistan and Manchester United enthusiastically facilitated us achieve this target.We are thankful to them,the players,all those who participated in this campaign and the Pakistani nation for placing their trust in us.”

The players were really excited on their way back and could not wait to try out all the new techniques and skill's that they had learned at MUSS and were thankful to ZONG for providing them with a once in a lifetime opportunity..

Zain-ul-Abdeen one of the boys who got special plaque from trainers excitedly informed, “I had never ever imagined in my wildest dream that I would be able to meet Dion Dublin and receive training at Manchester United Soccer School.I still can’t believe that it has happened and I am grateful to ZONG for not only providing us access to amazing content of MU but also making our dream come true.”

Besides arranging the entire training session,ZONG took care of all their accommodation and other needs throughout the week.They also arranged fun activities and took the player's for sightseeing to various places including the Ferrari World Tour..

PTCL Offers EVO-Nitro Compatible WiFi Routers.

PTCL Offers EVO-Nitro Compatible WiFi Routers:

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) today announced the availability of WiFi enabled Tenda routers that are compatible with its EVO and Nitro devices..

Tenda 3G EVO router is a battery powered (with three hours backup) 3G Wi-Fi router by Tenda (A Chinese company) which offer's support for plug-in of EVO and Nitro USB modems to enable wireless internet connectivity for multiple devices simultaneously using a single USB device..

It supports power over USB,so you can plug in any PTCL EVO/Nitro USB and create an instant hotspot for sharing Evo 3G Wireless Broadband internet virtually anywhere..

Here is the web page for said Tenda router on it's official website:

It merit's mentioning here that PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) previously introduced Evo Wi-Fi cloud that had similar capabilities – in fact it had built-in EVO device.

Unlike Evo Wi-Fi cloud, Tenda routers will not offer built-in EVO support, instead users will have to connect EVO or Nitro devices with router to start using internet through WiFi environment..


Tenda WiFi Routers that were already available in open Market,will be sold by PTCL for Rs: 4,000.

Key highlight's:
  •     Plug & Share Anywhere.
  •     Portable 3G router designed for true mobility.
  •     Convert your home/workplace into a personalized Wi-Fi zone with 3G connectivity sharing amongst multiple gadgets/users simultaneously.
  •     Connects up to 5 users/ Wi-Fi gadgets at a time.
  •     Tenda 3G EVO router does not offer built-in EVO connectivity. 3G connectivity is established by plugging in PTCL EVO/Nitro devices into the router.
  •     Compatible with all PTCL Evo & Nitro USB devices..
  •     Excellent pocket size alternative to large DSL modems for home users & for business users with frequent traveling needs..
  •     Battery back-up time of up to 3 hours
  •     Secure connectivity through a unique identification key for each device.
  •     Enjoy seamless roaming in 200+ cities nationwide at EVO speeds with nitro connectivity in more than 70 cities across the country..
  •     1 year warranty by Tenda..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Window Movie Maker Urdu E-Book.

Window Movie Maker Urdu E-Book:

Dosto aaj ma ap logo k lia aik asi ebook laya hun jo urdu ma hy aur ap logo k kaam ki hy jo movies banana paand karty hen un ka kaam asaan ho jaye ga kiyun k baaz waqt koi chez dhondni hoti hy to woh nai milti movie maker ma lakin ap es book ma woh sab read kar sakty ho urdu ma jo ap ny abhi tak movie maker ma use nai kia to ap ko ma download link da raha hun download kar k read karen aur mazy karain.


Use Free Facebook on Phones for Free With Mobilink,Jazz & Jazba.

Use Free Facebook on Phones for Free With Mobilink,Jazz & Jazba:

Mobilink-Jazz today announced the re-launch of Facebook Zero,a light-weight Facebook interface for customer's to get in touch with their friend's and family on Facebook without any charges.

All Mobilink prepaid customer's can use Facebook Zero ( on their mobile phones without paying anything.

Facebook Zero is a project by Facebook in which it partner's with network carrier's,around the world,to offer their customer's a light weight version of Facebook at no charge.

Customer's need to on to from their phone browser's (on supported network's, Mobilink in this case) and get connected to the free and fast version of Facebook.

Facebook Zero include's all key feature's of the standard Facebook mobile site,and allows you to update your status, view your News Feed,Like or Comment on posts,send and reply to messages,or write on your friends’ Wall just as you do on regular

Mobilink-Jazz had earlier launched Facebook Zero in 2010,which they re-launched now with enhanced feature's.Ufone also offered Facebook Zero for limited time.

The following Terms & Conditions apply to the usage of Facebook Zero offer:
  • This service is available for Mobilink Prepaid subscribers only,including all Jazz & Jazba subscriber's.
  • This service is not available for Blackberry device's.
  • Facebook Zero can be accessed only via default internet browser's on handset's and above mentioned version's of Opera Mini.
  • Use for using Facebook Zero.Subscriber's using may get charged.
  • Facebook Zero URLs should be entered without writing www and https before these.
  • Facebook Zero should not be accessed via proxy server.
  • Though viewing photos,video's or external link is just one click away,standard GPRS charges as per package plan will apply.
  • Subscriber may get charged for any mobile phone application's consuming data in background.This can be controlled by turning off such application's.
  • This is a limited time offer.

Last Nokia Gets its Pakistan Specific Website.

Last Nokia Gets its Pakistan Specific Website:

Nokia today announced the launch of a dedicated Nokia Pakistani website with an aim to provide up-to-date information about Nokia business and key activities in the country, said a statement issued by Nokia today.

As pointed out by ITBooster & ProPakistani earlier,Nokia didn’t had its Pakistan specific website at a time when every other country had dedicated Nokia website's.

The Nokia Pakistan website follows the template and layout style found in the Nokia Global and other regional Nokia websites.Pakistani consumer's can now log onto the Nokia Pakistan website and find information about products,apps,consumer support,store finder and Nokia contact information relevant to Pakistani consumer's.

The website has cataloged all the latest mobile phone's that are available in the potential buyer's the ability to compare a set of different mobile phone's to help them choose just the right one for themselves.

The website also offer's a dedicated tab for a list of latest application's available on Nokia Store and for the user convenience another important feature is the Store finder,which directs a potential consumer to a nearby Nokia retail outlet/care center based in selected location.

The website also provides support for Nokia devices including software updates, product fixes and a discussion forum where consumer's can get answers to their queries and general product/OS specific information.The support section of the website also offers contact details where consumers can raise queries or get in touch with the Nokia team for product related information.

“Nokia’s localized website for Pakistan will aid us in offering enriched services to our loyal customer base that is increasing in Pakistan every day,so every day we are looking for new and better ways to let them enjoy an enriching mobility experience”said Adeel Hashmi,Head of Communications,Nokia Pakistan & Afghanistan.“Nokia is the leading mobile phone brand in Pakistan – while it is a great position to be at,it also brings in added responsibility to constantly push boundaries.In this context,a Pakistan specific Nokia website doesn’t just provide information but brings together solutions that accentuate what we call ‘connecting to what matters the most’.”

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Set Your Ufone UTunes with SMS Song Search.

Set Your Ufone UTunes with SMS Song Search:

Mobile communication technologies have evolved independently across continent's and there is significant challenge in achieving success while introducing innovative service's.

Ufone continue's to live up to this challenge and has introduced yet another service called SMS Song Search.

With this service customer's will be able to find any UTune of their choice via an SMS.After finding the UTune of their choice, customer's can select the desired option and set it as their default UTune.

Ufone customer's can search for Ufone UTunes from the current library of songs by sending song name,movie name or the singer’s name to short code 6766.

In reply they will receive a list of song's matching the keyword's that have been sent.SMS charges to 6766 are Rs. 2+ tax/SMS whereas the browsing charge's in the SMS menu are Rs.0.50+T/SMS .

Akbar Khan,Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone said that at Ufone it was understood that different segment's of the society have different expectations from the service provider' is all about identifying and introducing an offering which fill's the gap and satisfies the requirement's of our valued customer's.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is Now Available in Pakistan at Rs. 27,990:

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is Now Available in Pakistan at Rs. 27,990:

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 the mid-range Android 2.3 device is now available in Pakistan with a price tag of for Rs: 27,990.

The smartphone is the successor to the popular Galaxy Ace that was priced around Rs: 23,000.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 was released earlier this year by Samsung (in May to be precise).

Currently running on Android 2.3 the software update for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 to Android 4.0 is planned to be released in the near future.

Galaxy Ace 2’s biggest competitor's include HTC Desire C, Sony Xperia U and Samsung’s own Galaxy Ace Plus.

The specs of the Galaxy Ace 2 are:

  •     Android 2.3(upgradeable to 4.0) with Touchwiz 4.0
  •     Display:
  •         3.8″ Size
  •         TFT Technology
  •         480 x 800 (WVGA) Resolution
  •         16M Colour
  •     Dual-core 800 Mhz processor with 768Mb RAM
  •     4Gb embedded memory with microSD card slot
  •     5 mp camera with HD video recording
  •     Front-facing camera
  •     Connectivity:
  •         Bluetooth 3.0
  •         GSM 3G, HSPA support
  •         EDGE / GPRS (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHZ) support
  •         HSPA (900 / 2100) support
  •         802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz available
  •         Wi-Fi Direct available
  •         NFC available
  •     battery
  •         1500mAh Battery Capacity
  •         USB Chargeable
  •         Talk Time : Up to 980m (2G)
  •         Standby Time : Up to 670 hours (2G)
  •     Price: Rs. 27,990

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PDF To JPG Converter 2.0.2 Full With Key.

PDF To JPG Converter 2.0.2 Full With Key:

PDF To JPG Converter Feature's & Benefit's:

Convert PDF To JPG/JPEG Image's
PDF To JPG Converter allow's users to convert PDF to JPG image's,so that user's will be able to use the PDF information on website,or read the content without PDF reader's..

Export PDF To High Quality Image's
By modifying the DPI setting to a high number,PDF To JPG Converter will export large and high quality image's from PDF.User's can use the exported high quality image's for printing or publishing ads..

Batch Mode
User's can add hundred's of PDF document's from a folder,or drag them and drop to the file list.PDF To JPG Converter will convert PDFs to images in separate folder's..

Fast Conversion
PDF To JPG Converter has a fast conversion engine which will convert PDF docs 180% faster than other normal PDF converters.Saving time is saving money..

More Output Format's
Converting PDF to JPG is not the only function of PDF To JPG Converter. The program also supports to convert PDF to TIF, PNG, GIF and BMP format's.User's have much more option's for the final converted image format with this converter..

Samsung Introduced Utica E2252 with Dual SIM Support.

Samsung Introduced Utica E2252 with Dual SIM Support:

Samsung has Introduced the arrival of the Samsung Utica E2252, a dual SIM phone.

Samsung Utica E2252 is said to deliver a rich and smart mobile experience,with ‘Active’ Dual SIM and long-lasting battery life.Samsung Pakistan continue's to unveil new mobile phones at a rapid pace to keep abreast of technology and consumers’ needs, offering user's a wide variety of phone's to enrich their lives.

The metallic silver Utica E2252 offers consumer's a 208 MHz single-core application processor and a 2.0-inch display with color depth of 262K.Samsung Utica E2252 sports a simple curved-edged design and a 2.0-inch TFT capacitive display supporting a pixel resolution of 128×160.

Its features include 20 MB memory, a single and dual SIM support a 1000mAh battery with talk-time up to 710 minute's and stand-by time up to 760 hours.Utica E2252 offers multimedia features including a VGA camera,MicroSD (up to 32GB),FM Radio, and built-in torchlight.

Connectivity features include:
                 Bluetooth,, USB 2.0 connectivity , Samsung Apps, instant messaging through Samsung ChatON, IM. This lightweight, portable device provides user's with videoconferencing capacities, offering a QCIF video resolution with a frame rate of 15fps.

The launch of Samsung Utica E2252 is a worthy addition to Samsung’s category of affordable phones and reflect's the company’s commitment to cater to the communication needs of diverse consumer segments, providing customer's with real value for money.

Samsung Utica E2252 is likely to be priced around Rs. 5,500 in Pakistan.

MOBILINK - JAZZ Launches Bonus on Usage.

MOBILINK - JAZZ Launches Bonus on Usage:

Mobilink - Jazz is offering it's customer's a bonus on daily basis,i.e. bonus free minutes and free SMS every day for consuming Rs. 10 plus tax (Rs: 12.19) for making call's or for sending SMS.

So if you have consumed Rs: 10 plus tax then dial *275# to get free 100 on-net minutes and 100 Free SMS for next 24 hour's.

Mobilink will charge 0.60 paisa every time you dial *275#.

All Jazz customer's including Jazz One,Jazz Budget,Jazz Jazba can participate in this offer except for Jazz Easy subscribers.

Mobilink on its website say's:

                 This new offer from Mobilink Jazz hold's true to our belief of introducing the latest and most innovative offer's for our customer's and keeping them connected to Pakistan’s most popular game.Because when it comes to cricket,‘Ye khel apna hai’, just like Mobilink - Jazz ‘Apna Hai’.

PTA & APNIC Host IPv6 Workshop in Islamabad.

PTA & APNIC Host IPv6 Workshop in Islamabad:

(APNIC) Asia Pacific Network Information Center and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) are organizing a 3 days’ workshop on the topic of Internet Resource Management,IP version 6 (IPv6) and DNS Security Extension's (DNSSEC).

The training workshop is scheduled to be held from 18 – 20 July, 2012 at Best Western Hotel Islamabad.

This training workshop will highlight key essential's of Internet resource management.It will focus on understanding the structures,processes,procedures and policies involved in requesting,allocating and managing Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and Autonomous System (AS) numbers.With regards to DNSSEC,the concept of DNS and security mechanisms,such as TSIG and DNSSEC.The deployment of DNSSEC will also be discussed in detail with practical demonstration.

During day 2 and 3,the training workshop will focus on providing an understanding and hands-on exposure to IPv6, its structure,operation and technical features. IPv6 addressing and architecture's and the issues related to the deployment, transition and co-existence with IPv4 will also be examined.

The workshop will also feature hands-on IPv6 configurations on host computer's,as well as IPv6 network building and configuration scenarios.Participants will have the opportunity to work on lab exercises related to deploying IPv6 in dual-stack operational IXP/ ISP environment's as well as native IPv6 transit.

Necessary information of the workshop along with registration detail's are available at:

This would surely be a great event as International trainer's from APNIC will be arriving in Pakistan to deliver technical tutorial's and education with regard's to Internet resources.Community member's interested in participating are encouraged to get themselves registered for the workshop.

Microsoft Pakistan Organizes Innovative Education Forum.

Microsoft Pakistan Organizes Innovative Education Forum:

Microsoft Pakistan, Organizes (IEF)  Innovative Education Forum,bringing together several teacher's from private,public and NGO adopted school's to bring forward their project's and be part of this productive day of project exhibitions, inspiring keynote presentations,professional learning and collaboration.

Amongst many innovative project's there were five short-listed projects presented by the teams on this occasion.The top teams decided by the jury comprising of three judges would be sent to Casablanca,Morocco on a Microsoft-sponsored trip to compete at the regional level of IEF Competition to be held in August.

Top three winner's for the local finals were announced at the end of the event.Mr. Omer Eqbal from Roots School System got the first position,followed by Mr. Asif Khawaja from Daanish School and Ms. Munazza Butt from Roots School System.

Along with teacher's from leading schools and college's competing in the IEF Competition 2012,also attending were students from Daanish School,a project of the Government of Punjab,enabling the poorest sections of society to have access to quality education and enabling infrastructure.

Speaking at the occasion,Kamal Ahmed, Country General Manager,Microsoft Pakistan,said, “This is an excellent opportunity for these vibrant and enthusiastic teacher's to showcase their expertise.Microsoft lauds their effort's to revolutionize teaching methods by using ICT as a carrier to engage their students and to enhance the effectiveness of education. They are applying ICT to the real world and equipping our children with the skills necessary to compete with the globally competitive work force.”

The IEF is part of Microsoft PIL (Partners In Learning) program,which works with governments and education leader's around the world at the national,state and local levels to deliver a portfolio of professional development,curricula,tools and resources designed to advance 21st-century teaching,learning and digital inclusion that improve learning outcomes for every student.

“Teacher's are the greatest catalysts of development,capable of changing a nation’s mindset and steering the country to progress by working at the very grass root level.Forums like these are not only enlightening but also very inspiring, reminding us how valuable ICT as well as teachers are for a progressive society,said Ms.Tayyaba Noureen,one of the judges at the event.

Through supporting such events,Microsoft has furthered educational development in the country by leaps and bounds.Microsoft hosts such competitions each year in different countries,the idea being that today’s advancement in technology along with the imagination,passion and creativity,can light up a better future for the generations to come.

Microsoft Jumps into Tablet Business -- Announces Surface -- Surface Pro.

Microsoft Jumps into Tablet Business -- Announces Surface -- Surface Pro:

Monday saw Microsoft coming into the tablet business directly challenging Apple’s iPad.Microsoft announced 2 tablet's, in fact two version's of same tablet's with variation in specification's.Surface which is a lower-end tablet and Surface Pro is said to be a higher-end tablet.

Those who had the chance to experience Window's Surface tablet's in a press event yesterday are throwing positive review's about the hardware as well as for software.

Analyst's are calling these two tab's a new era in mobile computing.

Here are the specs of the both tablet's:


  •     Windows RT operating system
  •     Weight: 676 grams
  •     Nvidia Tegra ARM CPU
  •     10.6 inch display
  •     Thickness: 9.3mm
  •     32/64 Gb versions
  •     MicroSD card slot
  •     MicroHD video
  •     USB 2.0
  •     2×2 MIMO Wifi antennae
  •     Battery 31.5 W-h
  •     Front and rear facing HD cameras
  •     Kickstand

Surface Pro:
  •     Windows 8 operating system
  •     Weight 903 grams
  •     Intel Core i5 CPU
  •     10.6 inch display
  •     Thickness: 13.5mm
  •     64/128 Gb versions
  •     MicroSDXC card slot
  •     USB 3.0
  •     Micro DisplayPort video
  •     2×2 MIMO Wifi antennae
  •     Battery 42 W-h
  •     Front and rear facing HD cameras
  •     Kickstand

Microsoft also announced the Touch cover and Type cover.Both are keyboards that attach to the tablet.Type cover is a 5mm thick keyboard with physical button's and trackpad while Touch cover is a 3mm thick keyboard with no physical keys and trackpad..

remained quite on pricing and availability but its expected this fall,sometime after tha release of Windows 8..

Monday, June 18, 2012

Zong Monthly Unlimited Package.

Zong Monthly Unlimited Package:

                  Zong brings to you the most economical monthly package of Pakistan,designed to meet your needs of content downloading, without worrying about MB’s you can now subscribe to Zong Monthly Unlimited Package* and enjoy unlimited downloads for 30 days for just Rs. 200.

Product Pricing:         Rs: 200 PKR.


*2GB fair use data limit..

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Zong Monthly Internet Package.

Zong Monthly Internet Package:

         If you love surfing the Internet ZONG offers multiple Monthly package's that will keep you connected for as low as Rs: 200/Month.

By using Zong Monthly unlimited package you can download up to 2GB in a month for just Rs: 200.You can choose from four different monthly packages all designed to satisfy your download needs.

How to Activate:

 To subscribe to Monthly Unlimited Package dial *908#.

To subscribe to Zong 4GB Send Sub<space>4GB to 905.

To subscribe to Zong truly Unlimited Package Send Sub<space>unlimited to 905.

Zong Monthly Package:

Packages:                               Voice Package plan:       Monthly Fee Rs.              Free MB:
Monthly Unlimited Package             Prepaid                         Rs. 200                             Unlimited*
Zong Truly Unlimited                       Prepaid                          Rs. 999                            Unlimited
Zong Truly Unlimited                       Postpaid                         Rs. 400                            Unlimited


 *2GB fair use data limit.

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ZONG Mobile Internet Hourly package.

ZONG Mobile Internet Hourly package:

           Another spectacular service from ZONG that will keep you entertained 24/7.After rocking the market with Zong services and all the amazing call rates, They are back with an outstanding feature for all packages; ZONG hourly based Internet package.

Internet was never this economical and easy. In just Rs. 15/hour surf all you want and whenever you want! It is really that simple…. It’s time to step out of the bits and bytes charging domains to experience the joy and liberty of plain and real flat time based charging.
And that’s pretty logical too, why should you pay extra when ZONG is offering you something which you’ve have been looking for.

With the hourly package on ZONG Mobile Internet you can avail a charging unit of only Rs. 0.25/min. ZONG is committed to offer such packages for customer's because they know what our customer's want, so here we are presenting the market with an opportunity to just grab their cell phones,sit back,relax and experience the true spirit of the internet with ZONG,through Zong custom made ZONG hourly based Internet package.

How to Activate:

Activation is as simple as the package, just dial 905 from your ZONG connection and get connected!

Nationwide Tariff:

Packages:                    Zong Per hour
Voice Package plan:    Prepaid & Postpaid
Cost per min:               Rs. 0.25


Subscription charges for per hour package is Rs. 10 Validity of Monthly Packages is 30 days

After the expiry of monthly packages, standard Mobile internet charges as per the data plan will be applicable. To Activate Hourly and monthly packages dial 905

  • What is ZONG Internet USB Card? What does it do?
The ZONG Internet USB Card is a device (with a SIM inside it) which can be inserted in your laptop/desktop PC (in the USB Slot) to provide you with access to the internet. It works on the EDGE/GPRS network and gives you wireless internet connectivity, anytime anywhere!
  • How is the ZONG Internet USB Card different from a GPRS/EDGE enabled phone?
ZONG Internet USB Card is a USB shaped internet card which can be inserted in your Laptop/Desktop PC's USB slot and hence your laptop/Desktop becomes truly mobile and you can access the internet wherever you are. For your EDGE/GPRS enabled phone, you can connect it to your laptop/Desktop PC through a cable or infrared / Bluetooth Port and the usability, mobility and ease of use is restricted for both the laptop/Desktop PC and your phone.
  • Which cities is this service available in?
ZONG Internet USB Card can be used to connect to the internet in all cities where the ZONG EDGE/GPRS network is available.
  • Will the ZONG Internet USB Card work while roaming anywhere in Pakistan?
ZONG Internet USB Card will work anywhere in Pakistan where ZONG provides EDGE/GPRS coverage.
  • Will the card work while roaming internationally?
For countries in a GPRS roaming agreement, ZONG Internet USB Card would work at those locations. At the moment the following countries fall under this category:

    Hong Kong
  • Where can I buy the ZONG Internet USB Card from?
Customers can buy the ZONG Internet USB Card from ZONG Customer Service Centers in the following cities:

  • After I buy it, how do I start using the ZONG Internet USB Card? Do I have to install it first through an installation CD?
You can simply plug & play the ZONG Internet USB Card in your laptop/desktop PC (in the USB slot). The Operating System automatically detects and recognizes the new hardware when the Card is connected and starts the automatic installation wizard for ZONG Mobile Partner provided within the card. You just need to follow the prompts of the installation wizard.

After the program is installed, the shortcut icon of the management program is displayed on the desktop. Every time you connect ZONG Internet USB Card to your Desktop PC/Laptop, ZONG Mobile Partner is launched automatically. You can also double click the shortcut icon on the desktop to launch ZONG Mobile Partner program.
  • I have GPRS activated on my SIM. Can I use the same SIM in the ZONG Internet USB Card?
The ZONG Internet USB Card comes with a EDGE/GPRS enabled SIM at the time of purchase. This is the only SIM with which the ZONG Internet USB Card can be used.
  • Does it work offline, even when ZONG connectivity is not there?
The ZONG Internet USB Card does not work offline. You will have to be in the ZONG coverage area for your Card to work.
  • What are the conditions of warranty for ZONG Internet USB Card?
There is a provision of replacement of fault in the following two conditions:

    If the ZONG Internet USB Card is found to be faulty on opening the package and first time use, it should be brought back to the Sales Center within a day of purchase with the invoice and the device shall be replaced FOC
    If incase, ZONG Internet USB Card stops functioning due to a software fault in the 1st month after the date of purchase, ZONG will replace the device FOC

  • The optimum settings for the device and network are already built-in into the device and any alteration may lead to device software malfunction/alteration, rendering the device as out of warranty therefore please do not fumble with the settings. Also, do not take out the installed SIM card from your device as this may render the device as non-functional and out of warranty.
  • How can I recharge my balance to continue using EDGE/GPRS services on the device?
  • You can top up the balance through any retailer offering top up facilities. To continue your subscription to unlimited EDGE/GPRS you need to top-up atleast Rs. 400 +t every month.

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