Saturday, June 23, 2012

Use Free Facebook on Phones for Free With Mobilink,Jazz & Jazba.

Use Free Facebook on Phones for Free With Mobilink,Jazz & Jazba:

Mobilink-Jazz today announced the re-launch of Facebook Zero,a light-weight Facebook interface for customer's to get in touch with their friend's and family on Facebook without any charges.

All Mobilink prepaid customer's can use Facebook Zero ( on their mobile phones without paying anything.

Facebook Zero is a project by Facebook in which it partner's with network carrier's,around the world,to offer their customer's a light weight version of Facebook at no charge.

Customer's need to on to from their phone browser's (on supported network's, Mobilink in this case) and get connected to the free and fast version of Facebook.

Facebook Zero include's all key feature's of the standard Facebook mobile site,and allows you to update your status, view your News Feed,Like or Comment on posts,send and reply to messages,or write on your friends’ Wall just as you do on regular

Mobilink-Jazz had earlier launched Facebook Zero in 2010,which they re-launched now with enhanced feature's.Ufone also offered Facebook Zero for limited time.

The following Terms & Conditions apply to the usage of Facebook Zero offer:
  • This service is available for Mobilink Prepaid subscribers only,including all Jazz & Jazba subscriber's.
  • This service is not available for Blackberry device's.
  • Facebook Zero can be accessed only via default internet browser's on handset's and above mentioned version's of Opera Mini.
  • Use for using Facebook Zero.Subscriber's using may get charged.
  • Facebook Zero URLs should be entered without writing www and https before these.
  • Facebook Zero should not be accessed via proxy server.
  • Though viewing photos,video's or external link is just one click away,standard GPRS charges as per package plan will apply.
  • Subscriber may get charged for any mobile phone application's consuming data in background.This can be controlled by turning off such application's.
  • This is a limited time offer.


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