Friday, June 29, 2012

[Preview] Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Announced.

[Preview] Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Announced:

Other than the announcement of the Google Nexus 7 Tablet,the other big announcement regarding Android was that of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean,the latest update to the Android operating system..

Project Butter:

This is a completely new venture started by Google to solve the performance issues and lagness on Android devices..

Project Butter is reportedly developed in three areas, namely Vsync, triple buffering and touchscreen, all of which have been implemented into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean..

Jelly Bean will offer Vsync, triple buffering and touchscreen work together for a better user experience..

Vsync of the screen now works at a constant rate of 60 frames per second, while Triple buffering will make the CPU, GPU and display to co-ordinate well by working together..

The touchscreen will now also be able to anticipate where the user will put the finger..These 3 features promise ‘butter’ smooth user-interface..

Home screen:

Moving and Rearranging apps on the Android home-screen has never been very good. Android 4.1 makes this task easier.The new icons can now re-size themselves around any app or widget you will install on the home-screen.Any app or widget will now be deleted by a simple swipe..

Offline voice input:

Voice input in Android can now work offline unlike before when it required data connection every time when used..

Updated Keyboard:

The Android Keyboard is more intelligent than ever.The phone’s dictionary has got updated with more words.Predictive text input can now predict the word even before you’ve finished writing it..

Redesigned camera app:

The camera app gets even better in Android 4.1.The taken photos can now be seen just by a swipe to the left.Pinching brings all your photos in the form of a filmstrip and swiping a picture from the screen registers a delete now.An undo button is there too if you’ve mistakenly deleted a beloved photograph.

Google Now:

Google Now is a brilliant new feature which keeps track of your current location.It then keep telling you about the things associated with the place you are in.Like if you are at an airport then Google Now will keep telling you about the flight timings..

Smart app updates:

Smart app updates is a new feature which will allow the app developers to update only the part of the apps which require an update instead of updating the whole app.It will save time and will also use less data.Google says that the new app updates will now be of only one-third the size they used to be..

Better Google Search Integration and Google Now:

Search now tracks your location and brings you suggestions for the places you visit.It also gets visually better.The feature of searching the web in Android has been quite old but now the device will reply you back too with the search results..

Tap to connect by Android Beam:

Jelly Bean brings tap to connect feature by NFC (which we have already seen on several devices).To connect,the devices running Jelly Bean will be tapped and the files will be transferred at a good speed. This technique will also be used for connecting with NFC compatible speakers..

New notification system:

Now you can do task's and carry out actions directly from the notification bar.For example,if you have got a missed call, you’ll be able to call the person directly from the notification bar..

Android Jelly Bean will be available right in mid-July and a developer preview version is already made available.Its not as big an update as Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 but still Jelly Bean promised to bring some cool new feature which sure will attract a lot of people..


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