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ZONG Mobile Internet Hourly package.

ZONG Mobile Internet Hourly package:

           Another spectacular service from ZONG that will keep you entertained 24/7.After rocking the market with Zong services and all the amazing call rates, They are back with an outstanding feature for all packages; ZONG hourly based Internet package.

Internet was never this economical and easy. In just Rs. 15/hour surf all you want and whenever you want! It is really that simple…. It’s time to step out of the bits and bytes charging domains to experience the joy and liberty of plain and real flat time based charging.
And that’s pretty logical too, why should you pay extra when ZONG is offering you something which you’ve have been looking for.

With the hourly package on ZONG Mobile Internet you can avail a charging unit of only Rs. 0.25/min. ZONG is committed to offer such packages for customer's because they know what our customer's want, so here we are presenting the market with an opportunity to just grab their cell phones,sit back,relax and experience the true spirit of the internet with ZONG,through Zong custom made ZONG hourly based Internet package.

How to Activate:

Activation is as simple as the package, just dial 905 from your ZONG connection and get connected!

Nationwide Tariff:

Packages:                    Zong Per hour
Voice Package plan:    Prepaid & Postpaid
Cost per min:               Rs. 0.25


Subscription charges for per hour package is Rs. 10 Validity of Monthly Packages is 30 days

After the expiry of monthly packages, standard Mobile internet charges as per the data plan will be applicable. To Activate Hourly and monthly packages dial 905

  • What is ZONG Internet USB Card? What does it do?
The ZONG Internet USB Card is a device (with a SIM inside it) which can be inserted in your laptop/desktop PC (in the USB Slot) to provide you with access to the internet. It works on the EDGE/GPRS network and gives you wireless internet connectivity, anytime anywhere!
  • How is the ZONG Internet USB Card different from a GPRS/EDGE enabled phone?
ZONG Internet USB Card is a USB shaped internet card which can be inserted in your Laptop/Desktop PC's USB slot and hence your laptop/Desktop becomes truly mobile and you can access the internet wherever you are. For your EDGE/GPRS enabled phone, you can connect it to your laptop/Desktop PC through a cable or infrared / Bluetooth Port and the usability, mobility and ease of use is restricted for both the laptop/Desktop PC and your phone.
  • Which cities is this service available in?
ZONG Internet USB Card can be used to connect to the internet in all cities where the ZONG EDGE/GPRS network is available.
  • Will the ZONG Internet USB Card work while roaming anywhere in Pakistan?
ZONG Internet USB Card will work anywhere in Pakistan where ZONG provides EDGE/GPRS coverage.
  • Will the card work while roaming internationally?
For countries in a GPRS roaming agreement, ZONG Internet USB Card would work at those locations. At the moment the following countries fall under this category:

    Hong Kong
  • Where can I buy the ZONG Internet USB Card from?
Customers can buy the ZONG Internet USB Card from ZONG Customer Service Centers in the following cities:

  • After I buy it, how do I start using the ZONG Internet USB Card? Do I have to install it first through an installation CD?
You can simply plug & play the ZONG Internet USB Card in your laptop/desktop PC (in the USB slot). The Operating System automatically detects and recognizes the new hardware when the Card is connected and starts the automatic installation wizard for ZONG Mobile Partner provided within the card. You just need to follow the prompts of the installation wizard.

After the program is installed, the shortcut icon of the management program is displayed on the desktop. Every time you connect ZONG Internet USB Card to your Desktop PC/Laptop, ZONG Mobile Partner is launched automatically. You can also double click the shortcut icon on the desktop to launch ZONG Mobile Partner program.
  • I have GPRS activated on my SIM. Can I use the same SIM in the ZONG Internet USB Card?
The ZONG Internet USB Card comes with a EDGE/GPRS enabled SIM at the time of purchase. This is the only SIM with which the ZONG Internet USB Card can be used.
  • Does it work offline, even when ZONG connectivity is not there?
The ZONG Internet USB Card does not work offline. You will have to be in the ZONG coverage area for your Card to work.
  • What are the conditions of warranty for ZONG Internet USB Card?
There is a provision of replacement of fault in the following two conditions:

    If the ZONG Internet USB Card is found to be faulty on opening the package and first time use, it should be brought back to the Sales Center within a day of purchase with the invoice and the device shall be replaced FOC
    If incase, ZONG Internet USB Card stops functioning due to a software fault in the 1st month after the date of purchase, ZONG will replace the device FOC

  • The optimum settings for the device and network are already built-in into the device and any alteration may lead to device software malfunction/alteration, rendering the device as out of warranty therefore please do not fumble with the settings. Also, do not take out the installed SIM card from your device as this may render the device as non-functional and out of warranty.
  • How can I recharge my balance to continue using EDGE/GPRS services on the device?
  • You can top up the balance through any retailer offering top up facilities. To continue your subscription to unlimited EDGE/GPRS you need to top-up atleast Rs. 400 +t every month.

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