Thursday, June 21, 2012

Set Your Ufone UTunes with SMS Song Search.

Set Your Ufone UTunes with SMS Song Search:

Mobile communication technologies have evolved independently across continent's and there is significant challenge in achieving success while introducing innovative service's.

Ufone continue's to live up to this challenge and has introduced yet another service called SMS Song Search.

With this service customer's will be able to find any UTune of their choice via an SMS.After finding the UTune of their choice, customer's can select the desired option and set it as their default UTune.

Ufone customer's can search for Ufone UTunes from the current library of songs by sending song name,movie name or the singer’s name to short code 6766.

In reply they will receive a list of song's matching the keyword's that have been sent.SMS charges to 6766 are Rs. 2+ tax/SMS whereas the browsing charge's in the SMS menu are Rs.0.50+T/SMS .

Akbar Khan,Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone said that at Ufone it was understood that different segment's of the society have different expectations from the service provider' is all about identifying and introducing an offering which fill's the gap and satisfies the requirement's of our valued customer's.


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