Wednesday, July 4, 2012

LinkedIn Get's its Unofficial,Silly and Tempered Version for Pakistan.

LinkedIn Get's its Unofficial,Silly and Tempered Version for Pakistan:

LinkedIn would cry its heart out or even better it might crash it's head into wall if it ever happen's to see – a country TLD for professional networking website i.e: – apparently registered by someone from Pakistan – host's a clutter of services including job offering's without much sense.

I would rather call it a MFA website (made for adsense) which has got all the properties to get penalized by Google in less than two hour's.

Syed Arshad Jilani,the contact person mentioned in PKNIC record's for owner of the domain,should have contacted to hand this domain over to them in return of hefty buck's,instead of making few cent's out of this incredibly precious domain name by destroying everything associated with it.

Not to mention, has got every right to get to PKNIC to grab country level TLD for their registered trademark.It maybe recalled that LinkedIn and are registered trademark's of LinkedIn Ltd.

Idea of earning money online has hit Pakistanis so hard that they try every possible (yet stupid) way to earn dollars – but from the experience we can tell you that these efforts never materialize,unless you bring innovation and productivity in your product..


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