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Zong Introduces Flutter,Ultimate Mobile Package for Ladies.

Zong Introduces Flutter,Ultimate Mobile Package for Ladies:

Zong strikes again by introducing the ultimate daily mobile package that bundles free SMS and voice minutes,specifically tailored for ladies–but gents can use Zong Flutter too,without shying..

As much as 75 free minutes,100 free SMS and free off-net minutes on receiving other-network calls,free call block service and much more..

Keep reading to know it all.

Package Detail's:

  •     Zong to Zong: Rs. 1.2/minute + tax (per minute pulse).
  •     Zong to other network: Rs. 1.2/minute + tax (per minute pulse).
  •     SMS to any network: Rs. 0.8/SMS + tax.
  •     Happy Hour: Rs. 5 + tax per hour daily (flexible hours) only for one hour.
  •     Zong Friends & Family Numbers: 5 dynamic numbers (usage based) OR top 5 F&F from existing list in case of migrations.
  •     Zong Friends & Family Rate: Rs. 0.35/minute + tax.
  •     MMS: Rs. 3/300KB.
  •     Mobile Internet: Rs. 15/MB.

In addition to up mentioned package detail's,Zong Flutter subscriber's can avail daily promotion that will cost Rs. 4 per day..

Flutter Daily Promotion:

Customer's can subscribe to Zong Flutter offer for Rs: 4 per day,and in return they will get:
  •     75 free minutes.
  •     100 SMS.
  •     1 free Out Going Off-Net minute on 3 In Coming Off-Net minutes.
  •     Flutter Lounge.
  •     Call Block Service.
  •     Women specific gifts every month up to 500,000 through Lucky Draw.


  • As mentioned above, all this comes at a daily rental of Rs: 4 plus tax per day.That’s it...

How to Subscribe:
  •     Existing Zong customers will have to dial *369# to activate the Flutter Package..
  •     All new female customers from 789 will have Flutter Package as their default package..
  •     SMS will be sent to them mentioning.
  •         Welcome to World of Flutter. A special package for Women with 75 On-Net mins, 100 SMS, Call/SMS Block and Flutter Lounge Service every day & exciting prizes@Rs.4+t.
  •         Dear Customer! Keep on enjoying Flutter and stay tuned for much more. If you want to go back to your previous package reply with N..
  •     The subscription and migration to this package will be FOC i.e. whenever customers want to avail this package they will not bear any charges for package transfer..

How to Add FnF:

New customers can add the usage based suggested F&F number's or they can have their own desired F&F number's..
  •     F < space > Mobile Number for F&F addition..
  •     F list for F&F list..
  •     delete < space > Mobile Number for MSISDN deletion from F&F list.
  •     modify < space > Mobile Number for new MSISDN addition..
  •     Customers will send "F < space > list" to update their existing F&F list..
  •     F&F suggestions based on customers’ usage shall be shared with them through SMS..
  •     Based on monthly usage of a customer 5 On-Net F&F will be suggested to customers. In case of migrating customers with their already existing F&F list,their top 5 F&F number's will be carried forward to this package..

Happy Hour Selection:
  •     H < space > option number for Happy Hour selection...
  •     Customers can subscribe for Happy Hour for as many times as they want in a given day..

Rescue Balance:
  •     Customers can send "Rescue" to SMS SC 369 for activating rescue call.
  •     When the customer subscribes to Rescue Call by sending "Rescue" to 369, a balance worth Rs. 5 will be deducted and kept in reserve. The customer can redeem this amount by sending "Help" to 369..
  •     The rescue call facility will have a balance refill option and customers can use their balance worth Rs. 5 (this balance will exhaust based on the price points of calls only specifically applied to Flutter Package).

Terms & Conditions (Package):
  •     All female customers activating through 789 will be moved to default Flutter Package..
  •     Existing Flutter Package customers will send their SMS to SC 369 to activate for the promotion (in case if they unsubscribe to the Flutter Promotion while staying on Flutter Package)..
  •     The conventional call charges of Flutter Package will be minute based..
  •     Maximum limit of this package is 5 F&F numbers..
  •     The selected MSISDNs of F&F through suggestions shall have priority over existing F&F list of the customer..
  •     Customers migrating to Flutter package will have their F&F list unchanged for only top 5 F&F..
  •     Customers using the Rescue Call balance will be charged as per Flutter Package tariffs..
  •     Customers can use the Rescue Call balance for all services other than voice only..
  •     The Rescue Call facility will be optional and customers will be asked if they want to avail this facility.
  •     The customers can refill their Rescue Call balance as many times as they want at any point of time.
  •     Free resources will have priority over Happy Hour and F&F i.e. free resources will be utilized first.
  •     The Happy Hour charges have priority over F&F charges i.e. charges of Happy Hour will apply to a call to F&F number during Happy Hour..
  •     The customers unsubscribing to this package will bear conventional charges for package change except for the customers who came to this package through 789 for the first time (their FOC first package migration will hold)..
  •     Customers already subscribed to any bundle will be unsubscribed from existing bundle in case if they activate the Women Package..
  •     The package will not be legible for Postpaid Customer's..
  •     LBC customers coming on Flutter Package will not be able to opt for LBC unless they do Package Migration.
  •     The package will not be legible for International Roaming..

Terms & Conditions (Daily Promotion):
  •     The promotion will be automatically activated as soon as a customer subscribes to the Women’s Package..
  •     To reactivate the promotion at any point they can send "Y" or "Sub" to SMS SC 369
  •     There will be a 24 hours validity of free resources:
  •         Free 75 On-Net minutes
  •         Free 100 SMS
  •         Free Call Block Facility
  •         Flutter Promotion Push SMS
  •         Women specific gifts every month up to 500,000 through Lucky Draw
  •         1 free Out Going Off-Net minute on receiving 3 minute Off-Net In Coming
  •     The free 75 On-Net minutes will be valid for On-Net only, all Off-Net & International calls will be charged as per package plan..
  •     Once 75 minutes are consumed within 1 calendar day of activation, the customer will be charged for next On-Net calls as per Flutter Package..
  •     Maximum capacity of SMS is 100 SMS/day. In case if the capacity is exhausted within 24 hours of subscription then customers will be charged for SMS as per package plan..
  •     Customers can subscribe to the daily SMS bundle with 500 SMS if and only if their 100 SMS usage capacity is chocked..
  •     The conventional charges of Daily SMS bundle will apply.
  •     The 1 minute usage of free Off-Net Outgoing minutes will be accounted for 1 minute or less..
  •     1 Outgoing Off-Net minute will be granted to the customer only if they receive one or multiple Off-Net calls for minimum 3 minutes..
  •     Call Block Facility will be offered on daily basis as a part of the promotion i.e. if the customer is subscribed for the promotion only then call block service will be available for that day..
  •     In case if customers have 15 or more subscriptions in last 30 days, they will be offered Call Block facility FOC for their next 30 days..
  •     The Call Block service will not remain in case of promotion/package termination except for:
  •         A Customer on Flutter Package AND
  •         Customer subscribed to Flutter Promotion for 15 days or more in last 30 days.
  •     The bundle will be automatically re-subscribed unless requested by customer for un-subscription..
  •     Customers with insufficient balance will be automatically un-subscribed but will be re-subscribed once they have sufficient balance..
  •     Capacity of Call Block Facility will be a maximum of 50 MSISDNs..
  •     LBC Customers will not be legible for this promotion..
  •     The promotion will be automatically deactivated in the following cases:
  •         Customers unsubscribing from default package.
  •         Customers going on International roaming.
  •     The validity of all resources (excluding Call Block facility (conditions apply) of promotion is for one calendar day..


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