Friday, July 13, 2012

Why You Should not Buy Chinese Tablet's?

Why You Should not Buy Chinese Tablet's?

We have seen a lot of people talking in favor of the Chinese tablet's which come at a modest price and can be bought by anyone,even those with very limited budget.

However,it must be taken into consideration that these tablets are not reliable and should be bought only when you are on an extremely strict budget.

Below listed drawback's are valid for not only the tablet's but for cheaper Chinese smartphones too.Let’s go straight away to the reasons,why these tablets are not worth buying:

Illegal unlicensed software:

To start off, many of these tablet's come without official,licensed software from Google which means they are made illegally. This means that their software is vulnerable to more viruses and of course,going to face performance issues and lagginess..

The software issues will definitely increase and the device gets even more laggy in the future,since software updates are usually hard to find,

Cheap build quality,unreliability & stolen design:

Most of these tablet's come with poor build quality so get ready to bid farewell to them incase you’ve dropped them.Their designs are similar and stolen especially from the iPad (I’ve already seen so many of them).They don’t usually come with warranties and after sale support so chances are narrowed that you’ll be able to repair or exchange them in case of any hardware issues.

No software updates or access to Play Store:

Since the companies making these tablet's do all this just for financial gain, they never ‘waste’ money on software updates to fix issues or updating the software. And because of the stolen & unlicensed software, they usually don’t have access to the Play Store for downloading apps so downloading your favorite apps will definitely become a headache.

Though you can download APKs for various apps,but again,that’s not legal.

Bad specifications:

This was expected, wasn’t it? Because of no access to application stores,poor cameras and only limited pre-installed apps,these tablets will bore you soon.Those ports you see on them might just be there just for the purpose of show-offing.

Performance issues, display & touch input:

This is possibly the biggest drawback.To save manufacturing costs, these tablets have low RAMs and aged & underpowered processors.This will cause the tablet to have performance issues which will only worsen with time. Battery life isn’t that great either. Their displays are usually washed out and touchscreens are usually resistive so they actually promise to make your user-experience ‘memorable’.

Low resale value:

After a year or two, these products will most probably be rendered unusable so on reselling them, you’ll only get a fraction of your money back as no-one would like to spend their fortunes on a cheap, unreliable and used device.


And all these reasons apply not only to Chinese tablet's,but also to all the other cheap Chinese devices too. This article is only scratching the surface and listing the most important points,but you’ll learn about even more trade-offs as you’ll progress in your journey with the tablet.

Its always recommended that you save some more money and buy a good,reliable and branded tablet from a well-known company (like Google Nexus 7). Although not all of the Chinese tablets are like this, but most of them are so why not save your money and make a sensible decision?


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