Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ufone has a Social Networking Website: ClubUfone.

Ufone has a Social Networking Website: ClubUfone:

Just in case if you didn’t know,Ufone has a social networking website for internet and mobile phone user's in Pakistan.

Under the umbrella of its youth brand, Uth, Ufone introduced this Facebook like localized social networking website for user's in Pakistan.

We are told that ClubUfone was initially an exclusive service for Ufone subscriber's, but now anyone having a mobile phone (of other than Ufone network's) can get registered too.Simply sign up at the URL mentioned above and you are in.

ClubUfone offer's almost all basic feature's of a social networking website, where users can add photos, videos, music, events and much more. ClubUfone also offers video chat service between friends and a facility for businesses and celebrities to create pages (just like Facebook fan pages).

Ufone said that ClubUfone is specifically bundled for those living in Pakistan with localized features and language.ClubUfone users can select Urdu as their primary language to start using the website in Urdu font's.

ClubUfone is optimized for phones with minimalistic look and feel. Moreover,Ufone user's can sign-up, update their status and do other basic operations through SMS.

Ufone user's can send Sub to 7171 to subscribe, while registered users can update their status on ClubUfone by Send an SMS: st (space) your message to 7171.

All text messages sent to 7171 are charged at @12 Paisa/SMS.


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