Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ufone Introduces Auto Reply Service.

Ufone Introduces Auto Reply Service:-

Ufone has introduced this new service called ‘Auto Reply’,which will enable its prepaid and postpaid customer's to play an audio message automatically for each incoming call they will get..

This service can be handy during situation's when you too busy to receive call's.In such situations you can enable Auto Reply and all the incoming calls will be played a pre-defined voice message from the list or a custom message of your choice..

Ufone customer's can have a selected audio message from available list of predefined messages or different custom made messages in their own voice for different people..

How to Avail Auto Reply Service:-

Call 5757 for just Rs. 0.10+tax/min to subscribe Ufone’s Auto Reply service.


    Subscription charges are Rs.5+tax/week for Prepay customers and Rs.20+tax/month for Postpaid..
    calls to 5757 will be charged at Rs. 0.10+tax per minute..


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