Sunday, September 16, 2012

Download File's from Jumbofiles without Error.

Download File's from Jumbofiles without Error:

Most of the file's uploaded by us are on
We opted that site since it is user friendly with no waiting time for Download and there were no Ads in them.
Now a day's they started to use ads in their page.They are so tricky,that's why Ads are look like Download Link's and most of the user's click on Ads instead of Original Download Link's.
Their strategies affected us more. Most of the user's complain that Download link's are not working.!!

Now in today's post,we are teaching you to 'How to get Download without any problem from Jumbofiles'.

Without registration :

When you click on Download,it shows a page as like the screen shot given below :
Click "Free Download" from there.

 Then you can see a page as below:

You can see clearly, the Ads cannot be distinguished. In the below screen shot,you can see a small link as "Download File".It is the original Download Link.Click that.

Another page will open now.Here in this screenshot,you can see the download button below Ads.It is the original one.Click that,then Downloading will Start's.

Download Now,Play Now buttons you see in the screen shot's are Advertisement's.
                                                     Never click that.


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