Friday, June 1, 2012

How to choose name for blog

 How to choose name for blog.

                                              Three simple rules to follow when choosing name for blog:

1) It must define your blog:
                                it is possible that lots of people will see a link to your blog before having the chance to actually read it (in search engines,for instances).Guess what,if just by looking at the name they can figure what the blog is about they will be more likely to visit it.

2) It must be easy to keep in mind:
                            Assume your blog talks about cycling,fitness and health advice in general.Naming it “The Cycling, Fitness and General Health Suggest Blog” would offer quite an comprehensive description of the blog,but would it also be easy to remember? Stick with simple names.

3) It must be same to the domain name:
                                 This rule is often ignored by people,possibly because finding a purpose domain that has not been registered yet is a difficult task.Still if your domain name does not match the blog name you will possibly lose some readers along the way.When people visit your blog through a link they will just read the name of the blog.Should they decide to revisit the site a couple of days later they will just type that name followed by a dot com.If they do not find your blog once they hit enter they will just go somewhere else.


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