Friday, June 1, 2012

5 Best Free Blogger Templates

5 Best Free Blogger Templates.

1: Red Hosting Template:
                                         Free Red Hosting Blogger Template is related about business or web hosting very good blogger template for sites with feature like black color for main background,slider for feature post and very professional for business or web hosting sites,2 column blogger template with right sidebar, 3 column widget at footer.

 2 Ultimate Store Template:
                            Free Ultimate Store blogger template is professional web store very clean themes designed for all e-commerce sites with some features like 4 column layout, 4 column footer and very fast themes on browser make this themes good for e-commerce or business sites,ads space ready, left sidebar for basic layout.

 3 Johny Blackstore Template:
                 Free Johny Blackstore blogger template is professional e-commerce site blue color for main background very good blogger template for sell product blogger template with some feature like left sidebar, 4 column layout, shopping cart widget and 4 column footer,slider for featured post,dropdown menu and this template designed for business or e-commerce sites,ads space ready.

 4 NewNews Template:
                                   Free NewNews Template is free personal design blogger themes with some feature like 2 column layout,right sidebar for basic layout,white color with combination minimalist design for main background,ads space ready at top sidebar,social bookmark icon at top sidebar,slider for feature post,have good style for personal sites,very fast themes on browser and good themes for personal sites.

5 iSoft Template:
              Free iSoft Template is very good abstract design blogger themes for main layout with some feature like 3 column,3 column footer,black color for main background, ads space ready at top sidebar, social bookmark icon,2 right sidebar,slider for feature post,minimalist design make this themes fast on browser and very recommended themes for personal sites.


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