Thursday, June 7, 2012

Best Platform For Blog comment's.


Best Platform For Blog comment's.

Most of the blogger's are confused with a question is that what is the best Platform For Blog Comment's.let i tell you coording to my point of view.There are a many different choice's are available for the comment's in the blog the main purpose of the comment is to get the reviews of the blog post by reader.

List of Best Platforms for Blog Comments:
     1.Simple WordPress Comments.

1. Simple Wordpress/Blogger Comment:

   I Personally preffered the simple Wordpress/Blogger/Blogspot Comment's for the comment's on the blog.It doesn’t take much technical knowledge to change the look of these comment's.Since this platform is directly built into WordPress it’s very easy to manage comment's and all of the setting's related to them Another benefit of everything being local is that the comment's load quickly and without any issues.The main drawback is they don’t offer every advanced feature that can be found in other platforms
It is helpful while you change the platform to another.A blog owners can reduce the number of spam comment's they receive.

2. Facebook:

      Facebook comment is less popular in the blogger/blogspot as a Comment for the blog post.Cause It take a Time to fix this view.Since most Facebook account's are for real people,one of feature's of this system is that it holds people accountable for what they say. You will not get any anonymous over here cause you will get a link to their facebook acccount while he/she comment's.
But the drawback of this type of Comment view is that you may loss the commentter if your blog is on health niche cause people often don't like to share their problem's with everyone.


      Many Blogger/Blogspot prefer Disqus as a comment platform for their blogs due to its dynamic view and Simple Intallation.Many also appreciate that fact that using DISQUS makes them part of a community.One Issue that many of the blogger's faces with DISQUS is that it doesnot allows Admin to modify the view or make any changes in them.Also While you Migrate your blog from One Platform to another like Blogger to Wordpress will lost the all the valuable comment's.


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