Friday, December 7, 2012

Telenor Meri Zubaan SMS

Telenor Meri Zubaan SMS:

Being at the forefront of change through innovation,Telenor brings it's subscriber's yet another industry first service! Telenor Meri Zubaan SMS Service is a unique service that enables subscriber's to communicate with their loved ones and associates through SMS in their own language script.

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to type a proper language text SMS instead of roman (Urdu-Punjabi-Pushto etc written in English)? If you have,this is just the service for you as it translates an SMS in local language script (Urdu) and sends it back to the recipient or to a number to which the sender want's to send the message to.


Telenor subscriber's can type in Roman Urdu (Urdu written as English text) and can receive the message back. Subscriber can then forward this message to other number's.

  •     Type the message in Roman URDU
  •     E.g. app kaisay hain?
  •     Send it to 211
  •     Translate/converted message in URDU language/script will be received
  •     e.g. آپ کيسے ھیں؟

Telenor subscriber's can type in the recipient’s number and then the message in Roman URDU and translated message will be sent directly to recipient’s number mentioned.

  •     Type in the number to which translated message should be sent follow by the message in Roman URDU
  •     e.g. 0345******* app kaisay hain?
  •     Send it to 211
  •     Translated/converted message in URDU language will be sent to the recipient 0345*******
  •     e.g. آپ کيسے ھیں؟

Please Note:
  •     Incase the message is not converted properly subscriber customer can type "MSG" and send it to 211 and last message sent in Roman Urdu will be sent back as it is.
  •     This service is handset dependent and works properly on those handsets which support URDU and ARABIC script / language.

  • Re. 1 + tax applies to any SMS sent to 211. Recipient is not charged at any step.


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