Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mobilink has Over 9,000 Cell Site's in Pakistan.

Mobilink has Over 9,000 Cell Site's in Pakistan:

Mobilink continue's to expand it's voice and data network across the country by rapidly establishing new cell-site's to reach out to numerous under-served regions across Pakistan,said a statement issued yesterday.

Mobilink’s investment in network expansion is a continuous endeavour, with 2012 alone having seen over 8% growth in cell site's, with the organization’s cellular network now spread over 9,000 site's, the statement said.

The cell site's have primarily been set up for improving voice and data capacity and catering to the growing communication need's.

Ramy Reyad Kamel, Chief Technical Officer Mobilink highlighted.

    “This expansion activity is in line with the commitment made by Mr Rashid Khan,our President & CEO at the beginning of 2012 to provide the best cellular experience to our customer's.

    Over the course of the year, we have optimized our infrastructure investment thus enhancing the coverage and capacity of Mobilink’s network across Pakistan.We are committed to consistently enriching our network with newer technologies and service's, while continuing to expand our network outreach across Pakistan.”

In a meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan last month,VimpleCom’s management has pledged an investment of USD 1 billion into Mobilink’s network reach and technology.The investment will further strengthen Mobilink’s unparalleled growth over the last few year's, with the operator continuing to build on its vision to reshape lives through connectivity.

Mobilink’s Technical and Regional team's are consistently working towards expanding connectivity through state-of-the-art technology and cellular services to the remotest regions across the country.


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