Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Download Latest UC Browser 8.7 HandlerUI Mod

Download Latest UC Browser 8.7 HandlerUI Mod:

Hello Friends,
Yesterday UC team released their new awesome Mobile Web Browser UC BROWSER 8.7.This version includes some new features.The most notable thing is that,UC team included their new logo in this edition.The new introduced smart account manager allow's user's to switch between multiple account's on a same page.
Now we are modded this application with Handler UI.

 New features of UC Browser 8.7:
  •     Smart Account manager.
  •     Long pressing OK button gives action menu.
  •     Easy to save pages.

About Handler UI Mod:

All credits of Handler UI scipt is gone to Master Yosep and Dzebb.They are the king of modder's who introduced such a great feature in apps.This is HUI 125 mod. So some Handler features are not included in this version.But you can use your network trick for free accessing Internet.Some features of HUI125 are listed below
  •     Front Query.
  •     Back Query.
  •     Middle Query.
  •     Remove String from URL.
  •     HTTP Proxy.
  •     Host.
  •     Real Host.
  •     Reverse Proxy.
  •     Proxy Authentication ( Username & password ).


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