Thursday, October 4, 2012

Opera Mini 4.2 Airtel Mod come Back.! [OM AG BETA]

Opera Mini 4.2 Airtel Mod come Back.! [OM AG BETA]:

Hi Friends..
Old version of Opera Mini.This version was known as OM AG BETA.Actually this is Opera Mini 4.2 Modded by AirtelGuru team.I was a big fan of Airtel Guru before many year's.They provided all 100% working free GPRS trick's before some year's.They introduced new trick's when ever they get blocked.But for some year's,they are not updating their site and I don't know what happened to them.! Their trick's are not working now.All are out dated one.
Now I am coming back with that super Application.OM AG BETA is best option for Low Memory phones.That version not includes features such as Multi tab,Copy text and so on.But it includes most essential feature's.

 What's Special ?
         When ever using other opera mini version's,we get out of memory error from most low memory Java phones such as Nokia c1,c2, 2690 etc.But this version is free from out of memory error's.We can browse for a lot of time with this.

How to get Free GPRS with Airtel :
  •     Download and Install the Software given below to your phone.
  •     Use Airtel Internet settings as default for Apps.
  •     Open Software. Just browse..

How to Get Airtel Internet setting's:
  •     Send 'MO' to '543210'.
  •     Save the settings received.
  •     Set that setting as default for Application.
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Download link's:
  Link 1:    Opera Mini 4.2 Airtel Mod .jar [Direct]
  Link 2:    Opera Mini 4.2 Airtel Mod .jar [Plunder]


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