Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to Configure Proxy in Firefox (Configure to use Proxy Server).

How to Configure Proxy in Firefox (Configure to use Proxy Server):-

Most of the GPRS Trick's on Pc Need's to use proxy servers in Browser's.Now We are teaching you how to configure proxy in world famous browser named as Firefox.The Screenshot's may help you to understand more clearly.

How to Make or set up Firefox to Use a Proxy Server:-

 First you have to open Firefox.Then you have to click firefox menu as shown in the figure below.Then select options ->> option's [ Shown below ].
 Then you wil get Option's Menu as shown below.Here you can set a Home Page ( Marked as 1).Then Select Advanced tab.
 Select Network tab under the Advanced tab.And Click Setting's.
 Then you will get connection setting's.From there select Manual proxy configuration and there you can provide Proxy server and Port there.

Click OK.
You Are Done...!!


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