Monday, June 18, 2012

Telenor Internet Package:


Telenor Internet Package:

  Talkshawk Economy Internet Package:
                                                                                 Talkshawk now brings you Talkshawk Economy Internet Pakage which is an affordable internet offer for all Pakistanis.
For just Rs. 3.99,
You can now fulfill your daily internet need's,everyday,when required.!

Economy Internet Package:

Activation:           *345*900#
Price:                   PKR 3.99 (no additional charges)
Volume:               3 MB
Validity:               1 day

Economy Internet Package FAQs:
  •     What is the activation mechanism?
    The new Internet bundle can be activated by dialing the USSD string *345*900#
  •     What is the activation charge for this service?
    The charge is Rs 3.99 (inclusive of all charges). No tax or additional fee is deducted on top of this amount.
  •     What are the charges once bundle expires?
    Users will be charged at Rs 18/MB (Rs 1.125 per 64kb) once the bundle expires. In case the users have activated time based charging, they will be charged Rs 0.75/min after bundle expiry.
  •     How will I get to know if my Internet bundle has been activated?
    A confirmation SMS will be sent once the offer has been activated.
  •     Will I be automatically re-subscribed after expiry?
    No. You will have to manually subscribe again if you to wish to do so.
  •     Who is eligible for Mini Bundle?
    The offer is available to all Talkshawk customers.
  •     Can I check my volume balance?
    You can check your volume balance by dialing *999#
  •     What happens when I subscribe to this twice?
    You simply get twice the volume. Validity of the bundles will be according to the time the latest bundle is subscribed.
  •     What happens when I subscribe to this on top of another bundle?
    You simply get the volume added to your existing volume balance. Validity of the bundles will be according to the latest bundle subscribed.

Default Charges:
Use internet on the go for PKR 18/MB (No Additional Charges)

Time Based Charges:
Now you can subscribe to Time Based Internet Charging for time based internet usage.

    Activation:                       *345*920#
    Charges:                          PKR 0.75/minute (no additional charges)
    De-Activation:                 *345*921# (reverts charging back to default volume based charging).

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