Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Manual GPRS/EDGE Setting's for Zong.


Manual GPRS/EDGE Setting's for Zong.


Zong GPRS Setting's
  • Account name: zong
  • Access point: zonginternet
  • User name: (not require leave blank)
  • Password: (not require leave blank)

Zong MMS Setting

  • Account name: zongmms
  • Access point: zongmms
  • proxy Address/homepage:
Request Settings from SMS
Write “All<Space>Make<Space>Model” and send it to 131. For example, if you have Nokia 6300 you will write: “All Nokia 6300” and send it to 131

All<Space>Make<Space>Model and send to 131 (All Nokia 6300-> send it to 131)

If you need only GPRS settings then write an SMS as following

Internet<Space>Make<Space>Model and sent to 131

In case you don’t need GPRS or WAP and only want MMS, then follow this

MMS<Space>Make<Space>Model and sent to 131

Similarly,for only WAP setting on Zong number

WAP<Space>Make<Space>Model and sent to 131

Step 2: Once you send any of above given message, you will receive setting in an SMS.Save this SMS and you are done.


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