Monday, May 28, 2012

Peace TV Urdu

Channel Description:

English Programs:

Youth Talk,The Wonder Kids, Crossfire,Dare to Ask,Faith Frontiers,Fire of Faith, Fundamentals of Faith, Here to Hereafter,Man with a mission, Learning Qur�anic Arabic, My Choice, Peace Missile, Prophetic Hadith,Ramadan Fiqh Issues, Reminders,The Spirit Of Islam, Truth Exposed,Whiz-Kidz..

Urdu Programs:

Gulshan-e-Eemaan, Izhar-e-Haq, Qiraat, Rab Ka Nizaam, Rah-e-Hidayat, Rasool (saw) Ki Baat, Sahih Tariqah, Zikr-e-Qur�an / Khulasa-e-Qur�an, Paigham-e-Aman..


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